Technology supports the ambitious development plans of construction companies

Date: 02-06-2017
Author: Alina Răfoi

Tehnologia sustine planurile ambitioase de dezvoltare ale companiilor din constructii si instalatii.png


The construction market has seen an upward trend in recent years, however, the development potential continues to remain very high. Prospects are further encouraging, the market is constantly developing on this segment, and the positive trend will be sustained by the growing demand for both the civil engineering and industrial construction segment.

Whether active in construction, garments or installations, companies wishing to carry out their development plans must resort to the use of technology. Even if many Romanian companies do not see the necessity of using an integrated management system, the examples of the big successful companies in the field that have used the information systems to optimize the use of resources and activity and to maximize the results prove that success can be achieved more easily faster.


SocrateERP ensures the management of all activities in construction companies, metal structures and installations, bringing all the necessary information into a single, real-time database. Employees of construction companies, regardless of their profile, can enter and view system information regardless of location, whether they are in an office or on site.


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Our SocrateERP solution is tailored to the needs of construction companies, metallic constructions and installations, solving the most important issues they face in daily work, namely:


Site control

Project Managers can enter and view data in the system at any time, directly from the construction site. The most important information is about consuming or receiving materials on projects, schedules and equipment. You will know at any time when and what materials you need to buy for your construction projects so there is no delays. Employee pontifications will always be up to date, just like all equipment and equipment consumptions.


Project tracking

The tracking of the projects involves the tracking of the realization and the stage of each construction project. This means that for each project there is a detailed breakdown of phases and sub-phases in the system, and for each one the materials consumption, the hours consumption, the possible contracts with the service providers are followed according to the estimates. For each project, phase, sub-phase and activity, a comparative vs. predicted versus realized comparison can be generated.


Equipment and machinery tracking

Equipment and machinery are indispensable in any construction project. That is why it is necessary to monitor both the time allocated to the project, the phase or the sub-phase, and the related costs. For each piece of equipment or equipment, the hours worked, the fuel consumption and the number of kilometers traveled are recorded.


Real-time reporting

Any construction manager wishes to have control over his ongoing projects and customer relationship with suppliers so that he knows what money is coming in, what money is coming up and what is the real-time profit. Using dedicated reports from SocrateERP, construction companies can track real-time profitability at both project and company level, material consumption, hours of work, effort, machinery and transport performance over those Planned phase, sub-phase and project level, cash flow reports, project cost versus planned, ongoing production, unpaid balances or unallocated costs.


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