Software solutions to improve productivity in professional services

Date: 19-04-2022
Author: Alina Răfoi


In an ideal world, employees would be happy, proactive and productive. We all want maximized productivity in our business, but what is productivity really? How do we know if it's at the level we want and how to improve it


How do we define productivity?


The biggest challenges when it comes to productivity are:

- Understand how to measure it so that we do not determine "by eye" whether someone is productive or not

- To have key performance indicators (KPI) that we can communicate to the respective team

- Maintain the level of productivity once it is reached

- To be able to motivate a team that is no longer productive


If we were to try a definition, productivity is the difference between the resources and the effort we put into an activity or project and the results we get later.


How do you increase productivity as a manager?


As a manager, to make sure you have a productive team, you must first make sure you choose the right people. But productivity is not just about people. Technology is a locomotive factor for tasks to be performed, or a way to bring down the speed with which one can work.


According to a recent study by Deloitte, organizations that have implemented CRM, RM or ERP solutions state overwhelmingly that technology has improved their productivity. In addition, 93% of those who have implemented or expanded such solutions say that they have improved compliance and 81% agree that it has helped reduce costs.


CRM, ERP or Resource Management solutions are part of the technologies dedicated to standardizing and streamlining the way companies work. Each of these types of integrated management solutions has a wide range of functionalities and is foldable to any type of business in the professional services industry.


Depending on your goals, you need to determine which type of integrated management solution is right for you:


  • SocrateCRM is a set of strategies dedicated to attracting and retaining customers
  • SocrateERP refers to the planning of all the resources of a company
  • SocrateRM is dedicated to resource and project management


To these can be added various mobile applications (because we were talking at the beginning about the importance of mobility) dedicated to managing the activity of field teams, introducing and managing travel expenses or streamlining the document approval chain.


What do you get from implementing the right software solutions?

  • Improved productivity
  • Smartly used resources
  • Full real-time visibility


BITSoftware provides its customers with access to software applications dedicated to the service industry and support while choosing the best solutions according to the requirements and needs of the company.


We have extensive experience and a beautiful collaboration with companies in the area of ​​Services, such as Netafim powered by EPRS.RO, BSH Electrocasnice, Qualis, Ascorp Electric Networks, Normandy, Libra Film or Mood Media, who understood the advantages of digitization and why right now is the time to look to the future and invest in complex, cloud-based, easy-to-manage solutions that fully cover their business needs and anticipate and understand the obstacles they face.


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