Software solutions for companies with field interventions

Date: 17-11-2021
Author: Alina Răfoi



Service and maintenance work in the field often involves complex logistical activities: supplies sometimes made on the fly, sometimes made chaotically by the team of service representatives and difficult to manage, delivery of materials to work points, efficient management of team time of intervention operators. All these activities become easier to plan and control by using software solutions with dedicated functionalities.

Key elements that help you successfully manage field interventions:

Notification management

The fast and successful management of service requests / notifications has a fast and direct impact on the degree of customer satisfaction. With the right solution you can better manage complaints and respond to any request. You can also track specific issues and indicators: number of incidents per customer, type of incident, response time and resolution time, history of each request.


Management of field interventions

Because the activity of service companies involves many interventions in the field, monitoring and management of service representatives have an important impact on the efficiency of time and services provided, improving their quality. With the SocrateService mobile application, you can easily manage the activity of service representatives, plan requests and tasks, enter actions, consumables and spare parts, and generate the estimate at the place of intervention on any mobile device.

Clear evidence of materials used

Stock movements from the central warehouse, purchases of products and consumables made on the go or the return of materials from the point of work will no longer be difficult to monitor. SocrateERP allows you to control and track the inventory of tools, spare parts and consumables in different storage locations. You can also optimize stocks and generate the order you need, based on existing stocks and those allocated to each project.


Calculation of revenues and costs per project in real time

The figures show us the reality, with their help you can see the status and profitability of each project, at any time. By recording labor costs, third-party services, or other direct costs such as per diems, fuel, etc., and bills issued and revenue collected, you get real-time information about the profitability of each project.


Flexible and timely billing

Get more control by automating service billing. SocrateERP allows you to issue invoices for several types of activities: design and implementation, maintenance invoices, invoices for consumables and services. After billing for services, you can track receipts, automatically notify customers who haven't paid at maturity, and improve your company's cash flow.

Correct decisions based on specific analysis and reporting

With reports and dashboards specifically created for service companies, you get an overview of all important indicators in the company, such as project status, timing and budget, allocated resources, and more. SocrateBI provides relevant and accurate information to the right people at the right time. With its help, anyone can create the reports they need on their own, without having to use dedicated technical staff to process the data and present it in a unitary format.

Need help with all of the above? Choose the solutions that keep up with your needs! We offer a suite of native integrated applications that help you maximize the efficiency and profitability of your projects and manage all your work, whether you work from home, office or in the field.

The suite of mobile applications and cloud management solutions gives you the mobility you need and gives you full visibility into your organization's processes so you can manage complex projects and deliver the best quality services.


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What do our customers in the service area say?


"SocrateERP is a modern, flexible and easy-to-use solution for all company employees. NORMANDIA project management has become much easier, more robust, and information is available in real time and accessible from anywhere (office, home, customer headquarters)."

Ciprian Drăguț - Commercial Director NORMANDIA


"SocrateCRM is a complex solution that helps us to optimize effort and reduce errors. The high degree of automation brings us a great time saving, an improvement of the activity and the level of customer satisfaction"

Dumitru Cârstocea - Aftersales Manager at BSH Electrocasnice


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