Software robots increase operational efficiency in the organization

Date: 27-01-2022
Author: Alina Răfoi


As companies around the world invest in digital transformation, many are also taking advantage of software robots, an emerging technology that improves efficiency and helps employees focus on value-added work instead of tedious administrative or repetitive responsibilities. Process automation with software robots automates repetitive and manual activities, saving time, effort and headaches.


RPA is an industry that has accelerated sharply in recent years. Romania has already become an important global provider of solutions based on this technology. According to a survey conducted last year by a software provider, 24% of participating small and medium-sized companies already use automation technologies, and half say they are considering integrating RPA technology into their business this year or in the future.


SocrateERP and RPA team up to deliver maximum performance


BITSoftware is offering complex solutions that combine the latest technologies with the expertise gained in over 28 years of experience in developing and implementing solutions aimed at optimizing business flows.


Around the SocrateERP solution we have developed a series of robots to help streamline and streamline certain processes. Here are just a few examples of robots I've worked on:


Robot to distribute costs by projects, phases and sub-phases - useful and interesting for all clients who carry out projects with public or private financing. They can now more easily track their project expenses, in phases and sub-phases, from the introduction of primary documents to the issuance of balance sheets.


Robot to automate reports from the scheduler sent by email. It tells you the print format and file format you want to attach to the email that is sent after the scheduled run.


Robot to automate the ERP inventory of WMS managements, the “Inventory Proposal” and “Data Update” processes taking over the physical quantities inventoried by scanning from WMS.


Advantages of adopting software robots


Any organization that implements a process automation tool with software robots can expect to experience the following benefits:


  • Better use of human resources - Taking on repetitive tasks from employees, such as entering data, so that they can focus on work that provides greater business value.
  • Satisfied customers - Automating processes with software robots increases efficiency and speeds up processes, leading to a better customer experience.
  • Lower costs - RPA robots perform human labor at a fraction of the cost.
  • Improved scalability - it is quite difficult and expensive to scale a team of employees as you can scale the scope and coverage of a group of automated robots. Robots can be easily duplicated and programmed to perform a similar or different set of tasks, depending on your needs.


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