SocrateERP, the cloud solution to solve distribution challenges

Date: 28-01-2021
Author: Robert Cazan



Do you have a distribution company and work with more than 2 software? SocrateERP is the all-in-one application that supports your business in these difficult times. Moreover, if you have decided that now is the time to move to a complete solution, you can benefit from funding from European funds of up to 90%. More information on how to purchase SocrateERP with European funds can be found here.


SocrateERP is part of the new generation of business software being a modern and flexible solution, in the cloud, "open" through openAPI, which allows integration with other applications and devices that allow communication through API. You can find more information about the available integrations here.


How can SocrateERP help you?


First of all by integrating all sales channels, direct sales through the store, distribution (wholesale), distribution to retailers, online stores, marketplace platforms such as eMAG.


Then through intelligent warehouse management with the help of the FluxVision WMS solution, integrated natively with SocrateERP, which helps to virtualize the warehouse, barcode scanning, picking, route optimization.


SocrateERP also helps you increase the accuracy and management of deliveries with the help of the Kanban dashboard through which you can actively track orders and determine their status.


With SocrateERP you can enjoy the complete suite of functionality needed to track daily financial-accounting operations and generate financial reports.


And last but not least, SocrateBI, the Business Intelligence module, gives you access to complete reports and a 360-degree image, so you can make quick strategic decisions.


SocrateERP, the perfectly adapted solution to the flow in the distribution industry


Whether you are a distributor of food, goods, electronic equipment, ingredients, decorations or technical products, you know that you need to efficiently manage the range of products and stocks to ensure the accuracy and quality of deliveries, this is an essential requirement today for continuity of the relationship with your business partners.


SocrateERP can efficiently manage orders to customers, so that it can offer you different suppliers depending on the delivery time and can automatically create the necessary supply. Moreover, based on the delivery terms of the contracts with KeyAccounts, you can ensure that you deliver the products on time - both to comply with the contractual conditions, but also to maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction.


The many automations within SocrateERP can relieve people within your company of certain responsibilities, they are done automatically, eliminating manual labor.


How does SocrateERP help in relation to retailers?


If you already work with retailers (KA) and do not have an ERP system - most likely operate on the EDI platform they agree with or use an email address where you receive orders. Through SocrateERP you can integrate with their platform (EDInet, DocXchange, Tecnet, EDIConnect and others), so as not to duplicate the operations in the accounting program. Thus, you will operate directly from ERP all documents, and they will be automatically sent to the EDI platform. The same goes for commands, they will be automatically imported into SocrateERP without the need to manually enter commands.


How do we differentiate ourselves from the competition?


First of all, SocrateERP is a 100% cloud solution, which means that to use the ERP system you only need an internet connection and a browser. Especially in these difficult times when working from home for people in administration, sales and other departments is a necessity, you must have an activity that is not limited to your office. Thus, a large part of the employees can work remotely, without the need for physical presence or connection using a VPN connection.


Another advantage is that you benefit from automatic version updates, which do not affect your business, while also benefiting from new functionalities as they are implemented in the new versions. We work with world leaders in technology to ensure system security, network monitoring, back-up and disaster-recovery solutions.


And last but not least, we differentiate ourselves by the good practices and experience gained from hundreds of implementations in distribution companies. Find on our website in the Case Studies section just some of the success stories we have written over the over 26 years of activity with our clients.


Are you ready to take action?


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