SocrateERP & CRM, the solution for real estate developers

Date: 27-05-2022
Author: Alina Răfoi

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After, in 2020 and 2021, the construction industry supported the entire economy both in Romania and in Europe, following a difficult period for builders, in which the effects of the pandemic were felt. After the pandemic came the effects of the war in Ukraine: stockpiles of materials became a problem, and prices soared. All of these events will take effect years from now, because even if the war in Ukraine ends tomorrow, it may take years for the supply chains to be rebuilt, as many factories and roads have already been destroyed.


Now more than ever, the work of real estate developers depends fundamentally on exemplary planning, budgeting and execution at any stage of the project. The coordination of all activities associated with construction requires a complex IT system, which also allows integration with advanced project management solutions.


BITSoftware has developed a complete software solution whose main purpose is to automate and streamline the processes specific to the activity of construction companies and real estate developers.


Functionalities and key elements

  • Project management from the delivery of the property by the builder to the sale to the final beneficiary
  • Management of marketing activities
  • Management of the sales team and the entire sales cycle, from leads, commercial conditions, offer, contracts, customer orders, delivery, invoicing and until collection
  • Property status monitoring (free / reserved / sold)
  • Managing performance goals and indicators
  • After-sales property management (common maintenance costs,
  • Storing and managing contracts and transactions in one place
  • Administration of the after-sales building by taking over the invoices of the utility providers and the percentage distribution at apartment level according to the area
  • Management of spaces for rent


2 years ago, we set off on an interesting project with QUALIS Properties, one of the largest and most ambitious real estate developers in Brasov, with residential and logistics projects. QUALIS Properties S.A. provides construction, sales, marketing, real estate management and administration services.


With the help of ERP and CRM solutions provided and implemented by the BITSoftware team, QUALIS Properties monitors its sales activities, manages the availability of apartments, monitors the progress and status of contracts and orders.


Centralize operations with a dedicated software solution


Optimize operating costs

Get real-time access to real estate information and how your team uses resources to simplify your decision-making process.


Simplify collaboration

All communications will be available on a single platform. Monitor decisions made and work completed for a secure and transparent audit trail.


Get custom reports

Build reports that meet your internal needs and / or investor requirements.


No information loss

The transmission of information digitally and on a single platform ensures a complete exchange between all parties involved.

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