SocrateCRM, the key to success in customer support

Date: 20-05-2022
Author: Alina Răfoi

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Every customer interaction is an opportunity to grow your business. A quality customer service brings competitive advantages, boosting the loyalty and recognition of the brand you represent. If your business objectives include the continuous improvement of the quality of services, BITSoftware offers you the right solution!


SocrateCRM's goal is to help you control, organize, and optimize all customer requests. One of the great advantages of working with such an application is that it manages, at customer level, in a predetermined time and with alerts if it is exceeded, all interventions from the introduction of notifications, allocation of tickets, description of reported defects, monitoring of the intervention and until the incident is closed and the customer is notified. It is also possible to manage all the equipment under maintenance (supplier, brand, technical characteristics, warranties), as well as the equipment under warranty.


SocrateCRM Service Management provides complete traceability of notifications and a visual management mode, with the help of a Kanban table, which tracks the notifications from their entry into the system, highlights the processing states (planning, estimating, implementation, allocation from one representative to another, with the possibility to count the time used for settlement) and up to billing.


In short, with SocrateCRM Service Management you are able to continuously improve the quality of services by being able to:

  • respond as soon as possible to the contractual framework
  • easily capture the effort
  • Invoice services automatically
  • analyze services through dashboards, reports and notifications


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