SocrateCloud supports Frisbo in its development

Date: 15-03-2017
Author: Alina Răfoi



The No. 1 specialist in e-Fulfillment solutions uses SocrateCloud to meet its growth objectives.

Frisbo is the first e-fulfillment platform launched in Romania in 2014. Frisbo owns a 1400 square meters warehouse in Brasov, and last year expanded its portfolio with 13 new companies, reaching a total of 45 customers, for which it covers the entire operational and logistic process. Although the e-fulfillment industry is at its start in Romania, it's fastly evolving, supported by the e-commerce development. Two or three years ago, Romania was not used to the concept of e-Fulfillment, but now start-ups and and e-commerce begin to consider more and more outsourcing their operational and logistic processes, which can decrease their costs by up to 50%.
Download Case Study Frisbo - The Number 1 specialist of e-fulfillment in RomaniaFrisbo is a complete e-fulfillment solution offering storage, pick & pack, invoicing, call center and AWB. All these activities are supported by a 1400 square meter warehouse, a cloud ERP and a 15 years expertise in the field.
"SocrateCloud was chosen because of its availability in the cloud and flexibility. It can cover all the operational and logistic process for all future customers of the platform e-fulllment, allowing multi-company management and multiple e-commerce platforms integration", said Laura Frîncu, Chief Operating Officer. 


With SocrateCloud, Frisbo can develop its business model and can provide good functioning by easily integrating new customers. Customer orders are automatically taken into SocrateCloud and Frisbo operators can process all customer orders in a centralized manner from a common interface. This translates into a standardized transaction from Processing Orders - End-customer Confirmation - Preparing for Delivery - Delivery - Billing. SocrateCloud also allows operators to easily communicate with the clients on existing stocks and necessary products.
"Currently, we began to implement FluxVision, a warehouse management system developed by WiSoft Professional Services, a BITSoftware partner, on the SocrateCloud platform. With its help we will have better traceability of goods in the warehouse and we will streamline and optimize all the activities in the warehouse, "concluded the Chief Operating Officer.