SocrateCloud Opens New Business Horizons for Okian

Date: 06-04-2017
Author: Alina Răfoi

studiu de caz socratecloud okian.png is the largest online bookstore in Romania, offering over one million titles of professional, educational and fiction books of over 12,000 publishers worldwide. Okian is a project developed by Prems Librexim Brasov, a Pearson Longman ELT distributor in Romania and general distributor of educational books. 


The online version,, was launched on October 2007 and it represents a simple tool through which customers can access one of the most comprehensive resources of knowledge in the world, with publications in English and in Romanian. The website has a special feature, namely the On-demand service through which any book published at a publishing house in the UK or USA can be delivered to customers at their request, even if it does not appear in the database.


Download Case Study Okian - The largest online bookstore in RomaniaBefore implementing SocrateERP from BITSoftware, the company used several software applications, each for one specific activity (purchases, sales, accounting), but the results were pretty hard to follow, because these applications were not interconnected and data was not consolidated in real time. In 2000 SocratePlus ERP was implemented, and in 2013 the company management decided to move to SocrateCloud, an innovative cloud solution developed by BITSoftware. SocrateCloud ERP is a flexible solution, being able to keep up with the fast pace of the business development.


Okain has chosen was SocrateCloud due to its previous experience with BITSoftware's team, the efficiency and flexibility of the solution and the solid references in the book distribution market. The implementation process lasted 3 months, and once implemented, the ERP system allowed the company to use in addition to the sales, procurement, inventory management, accounting and treasury modules, the integration with the online store and with the POS used by the employees in two bookstores in Brasov and Bucharest.


The support provided by SocrateCloud is undeniable, the system providing among others a clear picture of all supplier orders. It should be noted that Okian has over 40 permanent suppliers, but their number can reach thousands for certain products that are not in stock at their permanent suppliers.


The implementation of BITSoftware’s solution has brought immediate benefits in the approach of all activities and it helped standardize the processes and reduce operating and order processing time.


"SocrateCloud helps us enormously. It is used by all our employees and facilitates the work of each department. The most important benefits were related to the standardization of processes, reducing operating and order processing time and reporting. If before the implementation we had even a one month delay in processing and delivery of customer orders, with the help of SocrateCloud this does not happen anymore, and the response from the customers is very positive, generating a significant increase of sales. The reporting is also very important because it gives us an insight in real-time and helps us create long-term strategies", says Laura Frîncu, Chief Operating Officer Okian.


Download the case study to find out more information about the benefits the largest online bookstore in Romania enjoyed after implementing SocrateCloud ERP.