Meet SocrateExpense - The mobile app for expense reports

Date: 24-09-2020
Author: Anca Cazacu

Socrate Expense Aplicatie Mobila-7

Even if 2020 was a year with many online meetings, autumn brigs us a new start, and the business trips are back more and more.

To help you get back and start your trips again, we launch today the SocrateExpense mobile app, a native extension of the SocrateCloud solution, that facilitates the introduction of statements, simplifies the approval flow, automates the generation of the statements in SocrateCloud and helps to reimburse the amounts faster.

Whether you are on the go or at the office, with SocrateExpense you can easily enter your statements, in the shortest time, from any mobile device: phone or tablet, but also from your computer, regardless of the operating system. Register your statements in real time and save time for the activities you travel for and that add value to your business.


With SocrateExpense the expense reports

is much simpler


Socrate Expense Aplicatie Mobila-e7

Quick selection of the expenditure date
from the calendar

Automatically calculate the daily allowance based on the number of days you travel

Validate/Pre-fill the provider by entering the Registration Number (RO only)

Allocation of expenditure per Client / Project /
Phase / Activity

View generated statements and their status

The statement processing entered from

the mobile device is done in SocrateCloud



Automatic collection of expenses from the mobile application in the Import statement window


Automatic grouping of expenses in statement, for a configurable period


Approval flow, followed by statement approval and employee type supplier invoice generation


Reconciliation with payments made by the employee using the delegation bank card


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SocrateExpense is a BITSoftware product.