Site data collection, a critical point for construction companies

Date: 02-06-2022
Author: Alina Răfoi

Colectarea datelor de pe santier blog

The larger a company or the more open construction sites, the more difficult it is to collect information from the construction site, which means that it is difficult to track objectives. The collection and control of information and activities on site can be done today in a much simpler and more efficient way. The complete construction solution we offer changes the way you deliver construction projects.


What do you get from collecting data from the site? Here are 4 of the most important benefits.


Supply on time and in the required quantities


Late supply or inadequate supply may result in delays in works, delays in delivery of works, increases in storage costs, increases in transportation costs. All this means financial losses, but also dissatisfaction from the beneficiaries.


The implementation of a timely supply mechanism ensures the delivery of materials on time and in the required quantities. In the case of our clients, reputable companies in the construction industry, the supply is made on a project-by-phase and sub-phase basis, depending on the quantities engaged and negotiated with suppliers, taking into account the supply requirements introduced at project level.


With SocrateERP you control the quality and level of stocks. A procurement plan can be designed according to the quantities required for the optimal development of each phase or sub-phase of the project, with verification of compliance with the conditions agreed in the contract, namely prices, delivery terms and payment terms. In this way, storage space is optimized, supply costs are reduced, much better prices can be negotiated with suppliers, transport costs can be controlled and a much better visibility can be obtained on supplier orders, but also on stocks and their movements.


Real-time timesheets


No worker likes to complete timesheets. In addition, if you work on different sites on the same day, it can be quite difficult to count the correct number of hours worked on each site. However, the correct introduction of timesheets is extremely necessary to ensure that projects are ready on time and within budget.


The SocrateTimesheet mobile application allows you to enter real-time times, directly from the site, from any device. This way, you can track and manage your workforce on your mobile phone, get accurate site information, detailed project, phase, and subphases, and reduce labor costs.


By processing the hours worked on the project, the costs and profitability are calculated in real time. All data in the mobile application is securely stored in the cloud for immediate and anywhere access. SocrateTimesheet streamlines all other processes arising from the timekeeping: human resources management, payroll, etc. This information can also be used later to make other types of reports, an example of a report being planned versus planned.


Monitor construction projects in real time


Without collecting information from the site, project managers may live with the false impression that everything is going well and that the work is progressing according to estimates. Without this control, unwanted things can happen, such as delays, loss of materials, or increased time allotted to a phase or activity.


One of the biggest frustrations of project managers is caused by the lack of tools with which they can control the development of projects and with which they can measure the performance and profitability of works on site.


With the help of SocrateERP, any project manager can manage the efficient development of construction works, keeping both quantitative and value records of all materials and resources consumed by phases, subphases and activities. As the work progresses, the quantities consumed are highlighted and costs and profitability can be tracked in real time.


Measure real-time profitability


When it comes to calculating profitability, the saying “Better late than never” does not apply, because problems cannot be identified or reacted to in real time to correct them. In addition, the strict monitoring and recording of the consumption of materials and raw materials is reflected in the quality of the constructions carried out, which, for customers, means an additional guarantee of compliance with contractual commitments and obligations and compliance with contractual clauses.


Organization-wide performance indicators provide the details needed to analyze the "health" of the business or each project or site. The profitability of a project depends on many factors: the prices negotiated with the suppliers for the raw material, the duration of the supply, the labor costs, the costs of the equipment, the transport costs or even any slippage or delays of the works. Only by following all these aspects of the project in real time, one can calculate and track the profitability of construction projects, can fix any problems that arise in advance and capitalize on any opportunities.


With the help of SocrateERP and the SocrateTimesheet mobile application, construction companies efficiently manage all their business processes: procurement, contract management, costs, consumption, employees, equipment and machinery, maximizing profit through efficient execution of each project and by the possibility of managing more projects with fewer resources, by integrating and automating key processes.


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