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Date: 16-07-2018
Author: Alina Răfoi

Articol Tustena

The success of any company is measured when drawing a line at the end of the year and calculating the profit. For sales departments, where changes are the order of the day, a modern CRM solution is the one that effectively streamlines your business by automating certain tasks so that you can take advantage of all the sales opportunities.

BITSoftware, a business solutions provider with over 24 years of experience, proposes Tustena CRM, a modular solution that adapts to any business, no matter how the sales are made.

Tustena CRM does everything possible and increases sales control

Tustena CRM provides a control and tracking tool for sales and provides the automation necessary for customer base management, time management and resource planning.


Effective management of the sales process

With the CRM solution, all customer information is available directly and in a clear and organized way, in line with the company's security policies.
Designed to improve day-to-day business, Tustena CRM automates all sales team efforts and helps you plan more efficiently sales processes and eliminate loss of opportunity due to delays, omissions or other recurring daily activities. Tustena also benefits from an automatic alert system and notifications regarding the status of the negotiations, the products for which the customer has expressed interest, the meetings and telephone conversations, prices, quotations and other documents submitted.

Complete post-sales service management

The system also provides complete after-sales service delivery, giving the company and sales consultants a 360 degree view of the customer, which helps you not lose any sales opportunity and have only satisfied customers.
Combined with a powerful knowledge management system, Tustena allows you to allocate and resolve customer notifications on time, as well as track the process of allocating and resolving vouchers. The Helpdesk is integrated with a wide range of unified communication tools (phone, email, fax and SMS), which reduces response time.

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Contract management and service

The module manages the entire life cycle of service, maintenance, or lease contracts.
Customers have access to a self-service module to interact with the company and manage vouchers, view shared documents, subscribe to the newsletter.


Fast and efficient Direct marketing

Tustena also provides a Mass Mailing module to communicate with your customers quickly and to keep all responses to emails sent directly to the CRM without the need for additional resources at extra cost.

Fast Data Analysis

The solution benefits from an analysis module that allows aggregation, analysis and extraction of cross-sectional data from the entire CRM system.

Business Process Manager

With the Business Process Management module, you automate CRM workflow for business, SLA for notifications, IT protocol and DocFlow for documents. The service module comes to your aid, managing the entire life cycle of service, maintenance or rental contracts.


Call Center for Telemarketing

Tustena offers you a complete, reliable and affordable Call-Center platform, ideal for all telemarketing companies.

Mobile ready

And because mobility is essential, the Mobile section allows users to access the simplified collaboration module with an interface that is compatible with all recent generations of smart phones. A specific application for offline client data management is also available, through which users can access data even without an Internet connection.

If you want to improve your sales activities, you need a complete and competitive CRM solution, such as Tustena CRM. This is a TeamSystem Group solution, an Italian company with over 30 years of experience in developing business solutions. Starting with 2018, BITSoftware has set up a partnership with the Italian company to provide our customers with a full range of top quality solutions and services.


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