Say goodbye to complicated staff management procedures

Date: 07-12-2017
Author: Alina Răfoi

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Without an IT solution, companies in Romania are facing complicated staff management processes. Human resources teams juggle with thousands of documents, manually entering and checking all information related to employment contracts, payroll, pockets, holidays. And as in any manual work, it takes a lot of time and resources to lose, and it is inevitable that no mistakes can be made, which can lead to fines following ITM checks.

Socrate Payroll is a software solution used by medium and large Romanian private companies that performs the definition and management of the personnel structure. It meets 100% of the Romanian legislative requirements. Used by companies such as RCS RDS, Oil Terminal, Premium Aerotec, UMEB or Tohani Domains, Socrate Payroll performs the definition and management of the personnel structure, records of contracts, time schedules, records of wage rights, bonuses, holiday leave and medical and other rights and detentions that apply to the employee or employer, accounting notes, statements required by law, and other reports and statistics. More than 22,000 employees are managed with Socrate Payroll, from dozens of customers in different industries.


Easy to use Payroll solution


Being a cloud solution available on a subscription basis, Socrate Payroll offers increased flexibility and scalability, ease of use, while maintaining the required functionality. Costs are also significantly reduced, eliminating investments in hardware or licenses, and upgrading to newer versions is free of charge.

The configuration of the solution is very easy on the specifics and needs of the company, it is possible to define the employees (names, surnames, identification data, employment specific elements, salary policy items), multiple forms of pay, taxes, penalties, food pensions, CAR related issues and meal vouchers.


The payroll software provides a wealth of reports about wages (wage distribution ratio by profit centers, wage ratio according to working conditions, wage structure report), as well as timetables, holidays, meal ticket reports, and employee tax records.


The interface is friendly, in romanian and with simplified menus that instantly make relevant information available, with flexible and user-friendly reports without the need for IT skills. Most legal configurations can be made by users directly from the work interface, independent of the software developer, which allows for short-term operation and new legislative parameters.


More details about Socrate Payroll, the available subscriptions, or the duration of deployment can be found on the dedicated software solution page or you can request a custom presentation.


Socrate  Payroll Software Presentation