Rich "harvest" of new features for SocrateCloud customers

Date: 28-10-2020
Author: Alina Răfoi

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Although the pandemic has forced us to change our habits a little and adapt to the new working conditions, it has not stopped us from working at all and we are constantly coming up with improvements and good news for our customers. The latest version of SocrateCloud ERP includes many new features, which create the premises for improved business management. We have also prepared an interesting functionality for those who carry out funded projects and we have made all the necessary legislative updates.


In addition to the news from SocrateCloud, we also launched 2 mobile applications, we developed new functionalities for the WMS system, we brought optimizations in the area of ​​notification management in the CRM system. We detail all these aspects below.


Mobile applications for more freedom and ease of data entry


SocrateExpense, a native extension of the SocrateCloud solution, makes it easy to enter expense payments directly from any mobile device. This simplifies the approval flow, automates the generation of the settlement in SocrateCloud and helps to repay the amounts settled faster.


SocrateTimesheet is the mobile solution for construction times, which allows you to track and manage the workforce on your mobile phone. Get accurate information on site, detailed at the level of projects, phases and sub-phases and reduce labor costs! By processing the hours worked on the project, the costs and profitability are calculated in real time.


The two mobile applications are natively integrated with SocrateCloud, but can be integrated via API with any ERP solution, project management software or payroll solution.


Additional features to increase efficiency in the sales area


We have extended the functionality of automatic application of the sales policy with a promotional price. This new option automatically applies the promotional price once sales have reached the set quantitative threshold. The target is agreed with the supplier, at year / contract level, so that the additional quantities purchased can be sold at a promotional price.


In order to automate the invoicing processes, SocrateCloud provides, starting with the latest version, a new option to generate the customer invoice at the same time as the completion of the shipping notice. This variant of automation of invoice generation is especially useful when using WMS systems for managing deliveries, when, in most cases, it is necessary to obtain the invoice during the delivery process. At the same time, an automatic mechanism for entering the AWB number on the notice on the customer invoice was added, when this information is obtained from the courier.


We have made a new integration with Emag Marketplace, including on the courier side, so that, when delivering orders from the Emag Marketplace, it will be possible to send delivery requests by courier in accordance with Emag specifications.


We have also added a delivery option related to the Dropshipping typology, a mechanism for automatic generation of receipt documents, respectively delivery for the case of items that are delivered from the supplier directly to the customer.


Storage area optimizations with new FluxVision WMS developments


The process of storing pallets in the reception gate (Putaway) has been optimized by developing the possibility of determining the height of the pallet. Thus, the system will determine the optimal location for storage depending on the height of the pallet and the height of the locations.

The ability to bring lines on an input confirmation from multiple vendor commands has been developed. An input confirmation grouping process is also available, so you can make cumulative receptions. At the end of a grouped reception, the quantities are automatically distributed on the source confirmations, if there are no differences in reception.


Legislative updates


Declaration D394 has also been updated so that, starting with September 2020, it can be declared transactions with affiliated persons according to Order no. 3281/2020.


In order to facilitate the reporting part to the environmental authority, a report-type window “Environmental Packaging Report” has been made available, in which the packaging to be reported can be viewed. In this window are brought both the information from the receptions and from the sale, so that the reporting can be done, as needed, according to the packaging of the purchased products or according to the packaging placed on the market through the sale of the products.


Complaints Management in CRM


The possibility to indicate the unit of measurement (time) for processing and traffic light notifications has been added. This opened the possibility to have both processing flows at day level (standard) and fast, special flows, with processing at hourly level.


Management of projects with funding


A feature that we have talked about before, but that we would like to remind because it is related to a topic that is in vogue, is the management of projects with funding. That is why we have developed and added a robot for allocating costs on projects, phases and subphases, very useful and interesting for all clients who carry out projects with funding (public or private). They can now more easily track their project expenditures, in phases and sub-phases, from the introduction of primary documents to the issuance of balance sheets. What does this software robot do? Basically, it runs at the end of each month and automates the distribution of costs by phases and subphases. In this way, a complete accounting image of each project is obtained (purchases, invoices, payments, allocations, accounting notes, amortization rates, etc.) and complete P&L journals and reports can be published on the project.

For companies that are interested in implementing a business system, be it ERP, CRM, WMS or BI, do not forget that the European Union provides small and medium-sized companies funds of 105 million euros for digitalization projects. Details on eligibility conditions and application rules can be found here.