Production planning as a competitive advantage

Date: 03-04-2024
Author: Alina Răfoi

Planificarea producției blog

Production planning helps companies achieve their goals, ensure everything is running smoothly, and adjust operations immediately when errors occur.

The production planning process involves the development of a strategy for the realization of the products, which includes all the stages, resources and procedures involved in the production phase, from the assessment of demand to the purchase of raw materials, the establishment of the workforce and all necessary machinery and equipment. And the main objective is to ensure the delivery of products to customers in a prompt and efficient way, optimizing the consumption of resources at the same time.

Production planning helps to optimize the use of resources (labor and equipment) and reduce production costs. In addition, it provides a clear picture of what needs to be produced and when. Through effective planning, manufacturing companies can maintain a balance between supply and demand, avoiding overstock or stock shortage situations, and a well-designed production plan contributes to improving product quality by ensuring rigorous control of production processes.

The benefits of production planning with Entersoft Business Suite

A well-constructed production plan can help you increase revenue, profit and customer satisfaction. Benefits specific to the production planning procedure include:

A production plan provides a broad framework for understanding the resources and production steps required to meet customer needs. It also helps companies predict potential problems that may arise during production so that they can be resolved quickly.

Detailed planning reduces bottlenecks, helps minimize costs and ensures high quality standards for the products produced.

Through production planning, an active workflow is built, which contributes to the satisfaction of the end customer. Through this process the products are delivered on time.

Entersoft Business Suite is the complete software solution for production, used by dozens of companies in Romania and around the world to automate and monitor the entire production process.

Entersoft Business Suite supports you in all major decisions regarding the optimization and planning of the production process, so that you can make the most of your factory resources, adapt production capacity more easily to demand and plan maintenance activities.

“The big bet in adopting any new solution is to continue day-to-day operations without interruption and make the transition to a production system that runs 24/7 without problems. Entersoft Business Suite stood out, compared to the rest of the evaluated solutions, as it fully responded to our needs for a unified Production, Routing, Warehouse Management and accounting operations management system. However, the driving factor was the integrated MPS/MRP solution within the same platform. We now have a reliable, adaptive system that supports Grantex's growth in the new digitized business landscape.” - Lefteris Triantafillou, IT Manager, Grantex

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