Pontaj App, the first timesheets mobile application for constructions

Date: 25-09-2019
Author: Alina Răfoi


Pontaje App

Because in recent years there is always talk of digitalisation and its benefits for companies, it is clear to everyone that this has become a major need and it is not just a joke. Digitisation means automation, which means a significant reduction in the time allocated to manual activities, increasing employee productivity and leaving them time for higher value added activities.

One of the time consuming manual activities within a construction company is timekeeping. Because we want to meet the needs of our customers, we launched Pontaj App, the first mobile application that facilitates the process of punctuation for construction companies.


Pontaj App allows you to take timings by team leaders or site managers timings directly on mobile or tablet for subordinate employees on projects they have in progress, with the introduction of hours worked at the phase and sub-phase level for up to 3 days ( the previous day, the present day and the next day).


The application is very intuitive and easy to use, has a friendly interface and is suitable for companies of any size.


Using the Pontaj App mobile app brings a number of benefits:

  • Centralization of data regarding human resources for construction companies
  • Extracting reports and highlighting issues related to punctuality
  • Easier management of employees on projects
  • Activity reports by employee or team
  • The distribution of employees in different teams by the team leaders or the construction site
  • Permanent monitoring helps maximize the efficiency of the workforce
  • Real-time monitoring of personnel absences
  • Reduce time for manual tasks
  • Careful monitoring of employee performance
  • Real-time update of hours worked
  • Preventing payroll errors

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