Must-have features for an ERP solution for construction

Date: 16-06-2022
Author: Alina Răfoi

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Are you looking for an ERP solution for Construction? SocrateERP gives you access to all the features and information you need to make sure you meet your delivery deadlines, quality and budgeting to maximize customer satisfaction and profitability.


What are the must-have features that SocrateERP offers for construction?


Construction works management

SocrateERP manages the efficient development of construction works, highlights both quantitatively and in value all the resources used, plans their allocation to projects, phases, sub-phases and activities, monitors consumption and costs and calculates profitability in real time.


Equipment and machinery management

The equipment and machinery are planned and monitored on the works, the consumption being recorded in the equipment file. SocrateERP highlights the hours worked, diesel consumption and kilometers traveled. All costs can be recorded separately for travel, parking or actual work. Also, for each piece of equipment, a record of the compulsory insurances, CASCO rates, road taxes or periodic revisions with notification mechanisms at the approach of the deadline or at their expiration shall be kept.


Project cost control

SocrateERP allows the definition and tracking of planned, budgeted and committed costs, making a real-time comparison with the actual costs resulting from the execution of works, and this comparison can be made at the project, phase, sub-phase or activity level.


Timesheet management

SocrateTimesheet is the mobile solution that helps you track and manage your mobile workforce. Get accurate site information, detailed project, phase and sub-phase information, and reduce labor costs. By processing the hours worked on the project, the costs and profitability are calculated in real time. All data in the SocrateTimesheet mobile app is securely stored in the cloud for immediate and anywhere access. With the mobile app you can manage both the time of the construction workers and the office staff. The recording of the hours worked can be done by project, by phases or by sub-phases, with the highlighting of the performed activities, but also of the type of hours: normal hours, night hours, legal holidays, holidays or delegations. Time sheets can be recorded either directly from the construction site or by importing data centrally at the site. Time sheets can be checked and approved by the site manager and are used as a basis for salary calculation.


Analyzes and reports specific to the construction industry

An ERP solution dedicated to the construction industry must provide reports tailored to the needs of this industry. With the help of dedicated reports from SocrateERP, companies can track profitability in real time, consumption of materials, labor or equipment planned versus accomplished, budgeted versus projected costs, cash flow, ongoing production, unallocated expenses or unpaid balances.


SocrateERP provides an integrated application to companies operating in the field of construction and helps to efficiently manage all processes in the company: procurement, contract management, costs, consumption, employees, equipment and machinery, maximizing profit through efficient execution of each project and the possibility managing more projects with fewer resources, by integrating and automating key processes.

For more details on our solutions and their applicability in the field in which you operate, you can read the Rampad and C.C.C Kronstandt case studies or the dedicated page


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