Mobile applications are gaining more and more ground because they are useful in running a business

Date: 28-09-2021
Author: Alina Răfoi


We all know that phones are becoming more and more efficient every day, but the applications are the ones that really turn them into indispensable tools for our lives, both professionally and personally. Try to imagine for a few seconds what it would mean to communicate with family or co-workers if you didn't have Whatsapp or Facebook or how difficult it would be to access different documents without Google Drive. That would be pretty weird, wouldn't it?


Because we understood in advance what the trend is and listened to the needs of our customers, we developed a set of mobile applications that greatly streamline the way in which certain aspects of the business can be managed and that simplify the work processes in the field.


If we still need to explain why we developed mobile applications, the answer is simple:


  • They are useful: they solve common problems that users face
  • They are simple: the application interface is simple, which does not confuse users
  • They are adapted to the audience: we listened carefully to the needs of the target audience and we adapted the design and language of the application
  • Anytime & anywhere: just like that.


The first mobile application we developed is one dedicated to site managers, because all our customers in the construction industry asked us for an application to track and manage the workforce on the mobile phone, directly from the site. This is how SocrateTimesheet was born, a mobile application that provides accurate information on the site, detailed at the level of projects, phases and subphases. By processing the hours worked on the project, the costs and profitability are calculated in real time. The application is, of course, natively integrated with SocrateCloud, but can be integrated through an API with any ERP solution, project management software or payroll application. You can read more information about the application here.


We later continued with an application dedicated to Service Representatives. SocrateService, a native extension of the SocrateCloud solution, facilitates the field work of service representatives, efficiently manages the time and services provided, improving quality.


With SocrateService you can plan notifications and tasks, you can enter intervention actions, consumables and spare parts easily, you can generate the estimate directly at the intervention site, from any mobile device, regardless of the operating system.


Another application, which is also useful to us, because we constantly travel and we always have consultants in the field, is the one that simplifies the whole process of creating and approving expenses to be settled. SocrateExpense brings many advantages to companies such as: real-time view of the situation of advances and statements individually or centrally, optimize operating time, reduce the time to create a statement by using an intuitive interface with access from any device, electronic archiving of the documents in the statement, the integrated communication between the users of the application and the financial-accounting department through real-time notifications. The application can be used by any company, regardless of its size or field of activity, being an easy to use application, available from any type of device.


SocrateExpense together with SocrateCloud offers the possibility of API integration with the ERP system, accounting applications or other existing platforms in your organization and can export for the whole month all approved statements in a ready-to-import format.


Last but not least is the mobile application that makes the process of approving documents easier. The need started from one of our clients, leaders in the telecom market in Romania, so we developed SocrateWorkflow, an application for managers and supervisors responsible for approving documents.


And this is, of course, a native extension of the SocrateCloud solution, and its purpose is to standardize the document approval process, reducing processing time and improving the decision-making process. No matter where you are, with SocrateWorkflow everyone who is responsible for approving documents can approve, reject, redirect, or escalate to the next level of documents in a stream of documents for approval.


I end here the short presentation of BITSoftware mobile applications and I leave you a link where you can see them all: and my colleagues are always at your disposal with much more details than I can include it in a blog post.


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