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Date: 23-10-2017
Author: Alina Răfoi

With each new release, MicroStrategy takes a new step towards the business analytics system of the future. Version 10.9 comes with dozens of improvements and new features that make it more accessible and collaborative.

Microstrategy Dossier


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A new product that provides users with a new way of viewing reports and business analyzes. It exceeds the capabilities of a dashboard, bringing together and presenting data across the organization, in an interactive and intuitive way. Folders are organized into pages and chapters, making it easy to navigate and share reports and views, and add comments and annotations to everyone who has access to those views.

MicroStrategy Library


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The MicroStrategy Library is a customized portal that allows end-users to access all of their folders in a single location. The library combines search functionality with real-time collaboration and simplified design to make data access and sharing faster and easier than ever.

Collaborative work


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With MicroStrategy 10.9, users can collaborate through chat topics and real-time comments within the file interface. Anyone with access to a file through the MicroStrategy Library can ask questions, highlight trends, and share opinions with others. Marked users can receive real-time emails via email, browser banners, page alerts and library alerts, or push notifications.

Improved filters

The interface of the latest version of MicroStrategy is much cleaner and simpler and benefits from several types of filters, including advanced visual and advanced filters.

Responsive design

The new interface benefits from a responsive design, meaning that content is now displayed regardless of the type of device or screen size it displays. Users can even use data preview mode for different configurations without having to test them on multiple devices.

New and Improved Data Connectors

For the first time, MicroStrategy 10.9 allows organizations to access data sets from different projects within a MicroStrategy implementation. 10.9 also certifies the latest data sources, including: Maria Database 10.x, Apache Hive 2.x, Spark SQL 2.0, and MapR 5.2 and provide improvements for data connectors for Presto, Snowflake and Amazon Redshift. In addition, the MicroStrategy Hadoop gateway now supports live queries and reduces latency.


Integration with NLG Technology


Integration with the Natural Language Technology (NLG) allows MicroStrategy to add explanations or interpretations to the graphs and charts the user sees. This functionality makes the generated analysis more accessible to any type of user. 


You can find out more details about the latest version by subscribing to the MicroStrategy webcast which will take place on October 25th.

Source: MicroStrategy


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