How to take decisions based on information, not on intuition

Date: 02-08-2017
Author: Alina Răfoi

decizii bazate pe informatii.png


Business Intelligence tools provide organization management with information about the "health" of the business and help in making strategic decisions. The function of BI software solutions is to assist the management team to monitor the performance of the company. At the same time, together with ERP solutions, they ensure the proper use and traceability of all company resources, resulting in transparency of transactions and contributing to increased profitability.


For accurate and information-based decisions, a manager needs a combination of 3 elements: computer systems, business processes, and a trusted partner to put them together. The experience gained after 23 years of collaboration with hundreds of Romanian and international companies, including real national and international “mammoths”, helped us to know their business so well that now we are not just business solution providers, but we also offer support and analysis services in conceiving business flows, processes and strategies.


These customized solutions do not just show how much they sell and on what they make the most profits, but go deeper into product line and services.


An informed decision on changing objectives or assessing the extent to which they are achieved can only be done through standardized processes and by the existence of information infrastructure that provides decision support based on information rather than on intuition. SocrateERP contains the data needed to generate the information needed for the indicators that are processed in SocrateBI and BPWise. Our solutions give the management team the ability to measure the organization's performance in concrete figures.


Given the complexity of developing and implementing integrated business solutions, dozens of organizations have turned to us because we have the expertise and skills to develop and implement such solutions. Our advantage is the practical experience in implementing business solutions in organizations from different industries, different sizes and different requirements, as well as access to the latest knowledge in business techniques and information technologies.


BITSoftware provides development, implementation and support services for business systems and control, analysis and reporting tools. In the implementation process, we focus on defining ways to measure performance that fit into the organization's strategy and in line with profitability goals.


The MicroStrategy Platform on which SocrateBI is built is recognized as the world leader in Business Intelligence. The MicroStrategy Intelligence server runs in cloud, along with the ERP system, and is the industry's most advanced, scalable, secure, robust Business Intelligence server. This is the core of analytical processing and service management for all reports, analyzes, and applications.


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