Guiding warehouse operators with FluxVision WMS

Date: 11-05-2023

Ghidarea operatorilor în depozit blog

Anyone with a warehouse knows that many times when goods are delivered, workers waste time looking for the goods in the warehouse, or even if they know where the goods are, they don't go through the warehouse in the ideal order and make another trip back because they have forgotten to take a product.

A Warehouse Management System - WMS - software knows how to guide workers on various route patterns through the warehouse, including the shortest route (and if it doesn't know that, it's not really WMS) so that picking workers don't waste time. But what do we do when there are other criteria that workers have to take into account?

Let's say for example that we have food products. On row 1 milling products and sugar, on row 2 beverages, on row 3 light and fragile goods (chips, puffs, etc.), and on row 4 canned goods. Deliveries are made on average 1 pallet / order. In this case, in order to place the goods correctly on top of each other, the worker will first have to go to row 2 (drinks are placed at the bottom so that if a bottle breaks, the flowing liquid does not destroy other goods) , then on row 4 (canned foods), then on row 1 (flour and sugar), and finally on row 3 (the lightest and most fragile products).

That's why a truly effective WMS system must take into account the entire chain of activities in the warehouse and optimize all aspects as a whole, not just certain segments. In the given example, the WMS system must require the workers who put the goods on the shelf to put the drinks in row 1, the canned goods in row 2, the milled products in row 3 and finally the light and fragile goods in row 4.

More precisely, the WMS system allows the allocation of various categories of products to dedicated areas, respectively to determine the optimal storage locations during the reception process so that the route of the workers making deliveries is optimal. But at the same time, to optimize the work of the workers who put the goods on the shelf, to indicate to them the order in which to put the goods so that they move as little as possible, different lots are not mixed, etc.

FluxVision WMS includes such functionality and more.

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