Free data discovery for everyone with MicroStrategy Desktop

Date: 22-12-2016
Author: Alina Răfoi




We are pleased to announce that MicroStrategy Desktop is now free, for everyone.


MicroStrategy Desktop is a powerful data discovery tool that empowers business and IT users to access data and build dashboards within minutes. You can now connect to over 70 popular data sources, from personal spreadsheets, to relational databases, Hadoop, and more—at no cost. Available for both Mac and PC, Desktop lets you visualize information in hundreds of ways and empowers everyone in your organization to make insightful decisions on their own.


Starting today, you can use Desktop to accelerate the adoption of analytics and data discovery throughout your organization with four powerful use cases:

  • Share highly interactive and visual dashboards with everyone in your organization.
  • Enhance existing dashboards and tell better stories by tapping into D3 visualizations or predictive R analytics.
  • Rewire your existing dashboards with fresh data and build dashboards faster. Start with some new samples from the Dashboard Gallery.
  • Design new dashboards and perform data discovery on your own, without waiting on anyone.

Download Desktop today and get started with free analytics.


Existing MicroStrategy Web users will now be able to connect to MicroStrategy projects and download enterprise reports and dashboards from the Desktop interface.


BITSoftware is the official Microstrategy partner for Romania. Through this partnership, BITSoftware and MicroStrategy aim to develop and market distribution in Romania of the most complex and comprehensive enterprise business intelligence solutions.


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