FluxVision WMS integrations with third party applications and other devices through open API

Date: 01-09-2022
Author: Alina Răfoi

FluxVision WMS is not only a warehouse management solution, but a flexible and extensible platform that can easily integrate with other applications useful to your organization. The API makes it easy to synchronize the warehouse management solution in real time with third-party solutions and other devices you use within the company, and allows developers to integrate the WMS at both the database level and the application, with any third-party application or with your own application.

FluxVision WMS is natively integrated with SocrateERP, a modern, cloud-based solution that includes complete economic management and reporting functionalities for companies operating in various fields. SocrateERP in the cloud is based on a modular architecture that provides increased scalability and adaptability and supports multiple servers, large data transactions, a very large number of users, to ensure the shortest possible development and implementation time. Moreover, there is no downtime and service unavailability in the cloud, as each module can be updated independently based on the concept of continuous versioning.

As online businesses grow, they need a management system to continue to ensure efficiency and quality of service. By using an open WMS system, online store owners can integrate with various specialized software solutions to help them streamline all their processes by automating them.

Integrations FluxVision WMS

With the help of the API, FluxVision WMS integrates with e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, offering rich functionality, flexibility and control over the content and functionalities of online stores. We are talking here mainly about real-time inventory synchronization between eCommerce and FluxVision platforms, which significantly reduces order processing time and eliminates human errors.

Integrating FluxVision WMS with express courier services via API means automatically sending the order to the courier with all the data and generating, at the same time, the transport documents (AWB) that can be forwarded to the customers.

On the hardware side, FluxVision WMS can integrate with an infinite number of devices and sensors (scales, handhelds or other flow automation devices) to allow you to take full advantage of IoT technology.

Arming yourself with a WMS solution capable of evolving and keeping pace with current requirements is an essential condition for the success of companies that want to be successful in business and stay one step ahead of their competitors.

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