Flexible and extensible WMS solutions for profitable warehouses

Date: 16-03-2023
Author: Alina Răfoi


An automated warehouse brings increased performance and decreased costs. Order processing, inventory management, warehouse space optimization and end-to-end traceability are no longer a problem for a warehouse that has understood that investing in a modern, flexible and extensible WMS system actually means increased profitability.

The warehouse should be a sanctuary, an organized place that runs smoothly. In an ideal world, operators find everything they need, products are neatly arranged on the shelf, and you always know what and how many products you have in stock. In an ideal world, there are no problems with orders, everything is delivered on time and greater profitability is achieved. Everything is delivered on time and there are not many returns. Everyone is happy.

Although we are talking about an ideal world, all this can only become a reality with the help of a WMS solution. Because, unfortunately, the reality is, most of the time, much different. How many times have you felt frustrated and helpless when you knew you had a problem but couldn't pinpoint the source? When you see in the system that you have products in stock, but you can't find them in the warehouse? When operators were wasting precious time searching for the products in the order? When was chaos in the warehouse? When have you received complaints from customers about wrongly delivered or incomplete orders?

BITSoftware comes with not just one solution, but three!

Currently, BITSoftware has one of the most extensive range of warehouse management solutions, robust products, scalable and adaptable to the needs, size and complexity of your business!

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FluxVision WMS is one of the first cloud warehouse management solutions developed in Romania. It is a state-of-the-art WMS solution that provides automatic and complete management of all warehousing activities for an unlimited number of entities. FluxVision WMS is not only a warehouse management solution, but a flexible and extensible platform that can easily integrate with other applications useful to your organization. The API makes it easy to synchronize the warehouse management solution in real-time with third-party solutions and other devices that would be used within the company, and allows developers to integrate the WMS at both the database and application levels , with any third-party app or with your own app.

FluxVision WMS is natively integrated with SocrateERP, a modern, cloud-based solution that includes full financial management and reporting functionalities for companies operating in various fields. SocrateERP in the cloud is based on a modular architecture that provides increased scalability and adaptability and supports multiple servers, large data transactions, a very large number of users, to ensure the shortest possible development and implementation time. Moreover, there is no downtime and service unavailability in the cloud, as each module can be updated independently based on the concept of continuous versioning. With the help of the API, FluxVision WMS integrates with e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, offering rich functionality, flexibility and control over the content and functionalities of online stores. We are talking here mainly about real-time inventory synchronization between eCommerce and FluxVision platforms, which significantly reduces order processing time and eliminates human errors.

Integrating FluxVision WMS with express courier services via API means automatically sending the order to the courier with all the data and generating, at the same time, the transport documents (AWB) that can be forwarded to the customers.

On the hardware side, FluxVision WMS can integrate with an infinite number of devices and sensors (scales, handhelds or other flow automation devices) to allow you to take full advantage of IoT technology.

Entersoft WMS, part of the Entersoft Business Suite of products, is a modern, state-of-the-art software solution for Warehouse and Supply Chain management. It will enable your organization to decide upon daily operational processes, reduce complexity, optimize costs and manage resources within and beyond the warehouse boundaries (space, people, stocks, equipment). Standard functionality, along with specialized modules, applies to warehouses of small size and medium-low complexity; whereas, advanced features and optimized process algorithms can effectively manage the requirements of more complex and larger warehouses.

Entersoft WMS® is designed to meet even the most demanding 3PL & 4PL requirements. It runs on-premises and on-cloud eliminating all associated costs. Entersoft WMS Mobile® application is fully compatible with almost any existing hardware infrastructure. Runs with latest technology operating systems such as Android & Windows 10.

aberon is a flexible Warehouse and Distribution Management Information System and constitutes the main core of the solutions provided by Entersoft SCM 360 for optimizing the supply chain. It is friendly, easy to use, flexible and modular, so that it can be perfectly adapted to the individual needs of each customer. aberon is the ideal solution for environments of any size and complexity - from warehouses with wireless terminals, to fully automated distribution centers with pick-by-light, carousels, sorters, automatic stacker cranes, goods-to-man systems, etc. aberon is multi-lingual and multi-metric, and can be used to manage the whole range of activities in the warehouse in the same efficient way. The system provides continuous monitoring of the flow of information and materials at every "link" in the supply chain - from production, receipt, storage, order picking, loading and delivery of orders to customers. 

For more details about warehouse management software solutions, request a meeting with a BITSoftware consultant and together we will find the right solution for your business!

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