Exciting news about SocrateERP

Date: 19-03-2019
Author: Alina Răfoi

ERP Software - SocrateERP

BITSoftware announces the launch of a new version of SocrateERP in the cloud, the complete business platform that includes new features developed and used by our industry-wide customers to streamline their business activities. Here is a brief review of the most important new functionalities.


Expansion of the portfolio of integration with couriers


If so far, SocrateERP integrated with courier applications from Urgent Cargus, Fan Courier and Nemo to generate and print the transport note (AWB) and to build the AWBs centralizer, now the courier integration portfolio is completed with DB providers Schenker and UPS.


Kanban board for client order tracking


In order to apply the visual management principles, a new one has been added K-Board offering an overview of open client orders grouped by their statuses.


We have also added new and exciting functionalities to those who use a call-center component in day-to-day work as well as those who need to track and plan service activities for machines and equipment.


Each new version of cloud SocrateERP comes with important functionalities that help companies in construction, distribution, services, agro or winemaking to improve and streamline their work.


To discover all of SocrateERP's functionality, you have the option of creating a free trial account for 30 days.


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