ERP - why is the cloud an inevitable move

Date: 31-07-2018
Author: Alina Răfoi

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According to a survey led by Oracle, to which more than 400 IT leaders responded, more than 76% said they planned to switch from ERP to ERP in the cloud if they have not already begun.

Why such a move? We quickly figure it from the answers of those who participated in the survey.

Lower costs

Firstly, as anticipated, comes the economic factor: total cost of ownership (TCO) is 52% lower than the cloud ERP, and hardware hardware expenses are zero! Not bad at all!


State-of-the-art technologies

The second reason the survey respondents expressed was (surprisingly!) the latest technology. Thanks to the cloud, companies can easily adopt all technological innovation, such as artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things, to integrate into their everyday business processes. They will benefit from state-of-the-art technologies and will no longer be able to say that they are using outdated technological resources.

Using the latest technology helps them to be more responsive to market demands and to adapt more quickly to any requirements.


Data security

Access to the database is secured, so your data is always safe. Data is safer in the cloud than when it's stored on its own servers.

Updates included

Companies choosing the ERP solution cloud do not need the IT department to make the necessary updates, backups or maintenance of the hardware infrastructure for the smooth operation of the system and to benefit from the latest functionality proposed by the ERP developer.

Image benefits

Image is another plus of the use of cloud ERP and state-of-the-art technologies. In business as well as in life, the image counts and sells. The use of top technologies provides confidence and is a guarantee that they can easily adapt and respond to future requirements and scenarios.

Considering all these benefits, it is more and more difficult to motivate the refuse of moving your ERP into the cloud. Efforts are worthwhile, and long-term savings are substantial.

Most importantly, ERP upgrading is an opportunity to modernize your business and incorporate a technological infrastructure that allows for better performance.


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