What can ERP and API technology do for online businesses?

Date: 29-03-2018
Author: Alina Răfoi

alinierea solutiei ERP la noile modele de business-1

Let's start with a brief presentation of the concept. Whether you realize it or not, you already know the technology, because we use it every day in our daily work, such as whenever we connect to mobile applications. The API makes it easy to synchronize applications in real time, the most common case being when we connect to a site using existing Gmail or Facebook accounts. What happens in the back is possible because of the API technology that extracts the information from those accounts and uses it to connect to the site we want to enter.
The API is an essential element of the ERP platform. It allows developers to integrate ERP at both the database and application level, with any third-party application or application.

As business in the online environment grows, they need a management system to further ensure the efficiency and quality of services. By using an open ERP system, online store owners can integrate with various specialized software solutions to help them streamline their processes by automating them.

With the API, SocrateERP can integrate with e-commerce platforms such as Magento or OpenCart, offering rich functionality, flexibility and control over the content and functionality of online stores. We are talking in particular about synchronizing real-time stocks between the eCommerce platform and SocrateERP, or automatic billing that greatly reduces processing time and eliminates human errors by automatically generating invoices.

Integration with a CRM system means that potential customers are automatically upgraded, and when integrated with the site, any new orders through the site automatically generate the ERP command. As part of the sales process, the site will immediately display updated inventory and pricing information.


The integration of SocrateERP with API's fast courier services means sending the order to the courier with all the data and generating, at the same time, transport documents (AWBs) that can be forwarded to customers.

SocrateERP is natively integrated with FluxVision, the newest generation of WMS, which allows automated and complete management of all storage for an unlimited number of entities.

Do not forget about online payments! The Online Banking Extension in SocrateERP allows the automatic import and processing of an account statement obtained from the application provided by the bank or other customer's own applications.

On the hardware side, SocrateERP can integrate with an infinite number of devices and sensors (POS, scales, handhelds, cash registers, or other flow automation devices) that allow you to take full advantage of IoT technology.

See in detail SocrateERP's software and hardware integration capabilities


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