Digitalization represents the future in construction

Date: 09-07-2020
Author: Alina Răfoi

socrate erp digitalizare in constructii


A report by the American company Mulesoft and quoted by the "Construction Agenda" says that 75% of managers believe that the lack of digitalization affects companies' revenues. The same study shows that the digital transformation has become a strategic imperative for most companies (92% of respondents), as they have ongoing or planned investments in the digital area for the next 12 months.

The construction industry has always been more traditional and conservative, but nevertheless, in recent years, the appetite for the adoption of new technologies has increased. Although the digitalisation of the industry has had a slower start, the current increase in the use of digital solutions is completely revolutionizing the sector. Those who adopted IT solutions earlier have already seen their benefits. Increasing efficiency and productivity, improving the management process and controlling costs are just a few of them.

I have previously written about the digitalization of the construction sector on the blog. We are talking, among other things, about technology and solutions in the cloud, leading to the digitalization of processes through the online transmission of information in real time, to ensure transparency and collaboration, timely progress and risk assessment, quality control and possibly better results. more reliable.

In recent years, SocrateERP in the cloud has gained more and more ground in this area, our customers benefiting from critical functionalities for the construction sector.


Site control

Site managers can enter and consult data in the system at any time, directly from the site. The most important information is the consumption or reception of materials on projects, timesheets and equipment. You will know at any time when and with what materials you need to procure for construction projects, so that there are no delays.


Mobile application for employee timekeeping directly from the construction site

SocrateTimesheet allows timesheets to be taken over by team leaders or site managers directly on mobile or tablet for subordinate employees on their ongoing projects, with the introduction of hours worked at phase and subphase level available for a maximum of 3 days (previous day , present day and next day). The application is very intuitive and easy to use, works online and offline, has a friendly interface and is suitable for companies regardless of size.


Project monitoring

Project monitoring involves following the implementation and stage of each construction project. This means that for each project there is in the system a detailing of it at the level of phases and sub-phases and for each of them the consumption of materials, the consumption of hours, the possible contracts with the service providers are followed according to the estimates. For each project, phase, subphase and activity, a comparative report can be generated - forecasted versus accomplished.


Tracking of equipment and machinery

Equipment and machinery are indispensable in any construction project. That is why it is necessary to monitor them, both the time allocated to the project, phase or subphase, and the related costs. For each piece of equipment or machinery, the hours worked, the diesel consumption, as well as the number of kilometers traveled are recorded.


Real-time reporting

Any construction manager wants to have control of his ongoing projects and the relationship with customers and suppliers, so that he knows the status of projects, costs and revenues and what the profit is in real time. With the help of dedicated reports from SocrateERP, construction companies can track their profitability in real time, both at project and company level, material consumption, consumption of hours, effort, equipment and transport achieved versus planned at phase, subphase and project level, cash flow reports, project costs versus planned, production in progress, unpaid balances or unallocated expenses.


Therefore, the digital transformation into construction is not an option, but a change that will radically transform the industry and make construction companies more competitive and agile. Are you ready for change?


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