Control your construction projects with SocrateERP

Date: 24-09-2018
Author: Alina Răfoi

controlul proiectelor de constructii

Construction companies have one of the most increased process complexity due to the segmentation of their activity, to working simultaneously on multiple sites, and to the use of multiple profit centers.

In the case of running concurrent projects, it is most often that the actual costs are different from one project to another, even if the initial calculations showed a similarly planned cost. How do you figure out where a problem has occurred, where to intervene, and what needs to be corrected?


Coordination of all construction activities requires the implementation of a complex information system that can provide thorough and real-time control of construction projects.

Why can you benefit from using SocrateERP?

BITSoftware's information system, dedicated to construction companies, includes the following benefits:

  • Real-time tracking of profitability, as well as resource consumption (human and material)

  • Keeping a quantitative-value record of all activities on projects, phases and sub-phases

  • Follow-up of project costs by defining planned, budgeted and committed costs, as well as real-time comparison of actual costs following the execution of the works


Visibility and control

SocrateERP provides an integrated application to construction companies and helps efficiently manage all of the company's processes: procurement, contract management, costs, consumption, employees, equipment and machinery, maximizing profits by efficiently executing each project, and managing multiple projects with fewer resources by integrating and automating key processes.


[ebook] 7 recipes for successful construction companies


Download ebook-ul Idei inteligente pentru jucătorii din piața de distribuție. Provocari din zona de businessIn this ebook, we have gathered some information about the tools that construction managers have at their disposal to calculate the exact cost of a project, how to improve the way project profitability is calculated and how to wisely use their resources.


Table of content:

  • Correct cost forecasting
  • Real-time project control
  • Correct introduction of timesheets
  • Specific reports
  • Measuring real-time profitability
  • Tracking equipment consumption
  • On-time supply