Cloud Benefits for Agriculture

Date: 19-02-2016
Author: Alina Răfoi



Cloud involves storing data (such as text files, photo or video) and software on remote computers or servers that users can access through the internet using any device. Cloud enables companies to become mobile, people can work from anywhere. This is a faster, cheaper, more flexible and secure method than on-premises IT solutions.


One of the economic sectors that can fully benefit from the advantages of the cloud technology is agriculture. Agriculture is a fairly volatile industry and success always depends on all sorts of factors: changing seasons, the amount of rainfall or weather patterns. Given all these variables, farmers need modern tools to facilitate their work.

According to the UN forecasts, the demand for food will double by 2050. Therefore, to meet the increased demand, both small farmers and large agricultural companies must invest in equipment and advanced systems, which will help solve problems effectively and with  maximum accuracy. Using cloud technology, you have access to information anytime and anywhere. Whether you're in the office working on the computer or on the field, using cloud solutions you can efficiently manage your business.


What Can Cloud Technology Do For You?


Using a cloud ERP solution, you can integrate economic management with information coming from the field (cultures, used resources) and analyze the different situations of cost and profit centers; data can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Imagine that you are on a field of thousands of hectares of wheat during harvest and you want to know if they fulfilled all the necessary work or you want to see what are the costs associated with that parcel. By simply accessing the software on any mobile device, you get real-time information and you will be able to optimize processes and resources and quickly take strategic decisions. ERP system also provides labor management, you can automatically generate reports, returns between subunits, calculation of remuneration, performance indicators for operators, fleet management and fuel consumption.


Jidvei Group, one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of wine and brandy in Romania, has also chosen SocrateCloud ERP to manage the 20 companies and more than 100 profit centers. The main reason for choosing a cloud solution were the multitude of business units in different locations. 


Another useful cloud tool for farming companies is Google Apps for Work, a communication and collaboration suite that keeps you constantly connected with the team, facilitating work anywhere and anytime. Google Apps for Work is a system built for business and designed for teams, which gives you access to the best business tools (professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meeting and many more) facilitating collaboration within your team, decreasing the IT costs and making information more secure and easier to control.


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