[Case Study] Grantex modernizes its entire manufacturing process with Entersoft Business Suite

Date: 05-04-2024
Author: Alina Răfoi

Studiu de caz Grantex Blog

The GRANTEX story began more than half a century ago. The GRANTEX company operates in the industry of manufacturers of linings and brake pads for cars and commercial vehicles, with a range of more than 20,000 items.

For Grantex, the biggest challenge was the transition from the use of multiple systems with links between them, but also Excel files, to a complete and integrated platform with cross-functionality and centralized control, with the possibility of disseminating information in a reliable and secure way .

Following a strict evaluation and selection process, GRANTEX chose the complete and integrated Entersoft ERP, Entersoft WMS and Production system in a fully integrated system.

“The big bet in adopting any new solution is the ability to continue day-to-day operations without interruption and transition to a production system that works 24/7 without problems. Entersoft's proposal stood out, compared to the rest of the evaluated solutions, as it fully responded to our needs to have a unified Production, Routing, Warehouse Management and Accounting Operations Management system. However, the deciding factor was the integrated MPS/MRP solution within the same platform. We now have a reliable system in place that supports Grantex's growth in the new digitized business landscape.”

Lefteris Triantafillou, IT Manager, Grantex

What were the factors that influenced the choice of GRANTEX?

  • The possibility of parallel implementation for the integration of data flows, as well as the introduction of a packaging station
  • Integrated suite of solutions with interconnected applications
  • Fast and easy support (one provider for all solutions)
  • Entersoft WMS system reputation and references
  • Capacity and extensive range of customizations
  • Adaptability of business processes, flexibility to adapt to continuous changes
  • Ability to respond to both commercial and manufacturing operations within the company

What results did GRANTEX achieve following the implementation of the complete Entersoft Business Suite solution?

Qualitative benefits

  • Easy to identify possible errors
  • Reduction of bureaucratic procedures
  • Data accuracy and identification speed
  • Deliveries without delay
  • Improved cash flow calculation
  • Accurate information about existing stock and replenishment needs
  • Checking availability to respond immediately to demand based on existing stock
  • Improved relationships with suppliers

Quantitative benefits

  • 90% reduction in administrative tasks
  • 95% increase in data accuracy
  • 98% increase in accuracy of supplier orders, with correct quantities and at the right time to avoid out-of-stock situations
  • 100% increase in order routing
  • 90% improvement in accounting task completion time
  • 85% increase in data entry speed
  • 95% increase in error detection speed

About Entersoft Business Suite

EBS - Entersoft Business Suite® is a comprehensive and integrated suite of ERP, CRM, Retail, Mobile, e-Commerce and Business Intelligence applications. With EBS you manage business processes in the organization, based on roles, as well as multiple scenarios that increase productivity and competitiveness. Comprehensive reports, dashboards and real-time Business Intelligence reports from a single source improve business insight and decision making.

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