[Case Study] FluxVision WMS supports Maracana company's growth goals

Date: 02-08-2022
Author: Alina Răfoi

Studiu de caz FluxVision WMS - Maracana blog (1)Maracana, one of the oldest transport and storage companies with Romanian capital, made its warehouse activity more efficient and reduced working times on all operations with the help of the FluxVision WMS solution.

In recent years, Maracana has diversified the range of services it offers to customers and expanded its network of distribution centers, currently reaching a network of 7 warehouses in Timișoara, Arad, Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Prahova, Constanța and Pitești and a storage capacity of 42,500 pallets. Last year, Maracana ended the year with a turnover of over 19 million Euros and over 600 employees.

The Maracana team chose the solution offered by BITSoftware following a market study, FluxVision WMS being the software that met all the technical requirements from the list of criteria for the selection of the warehouse management solution. Short implementation time, flexible subscription-based charging and the possibility to expand on your own with a minimum of effort both the portfolio of customers whose goods they keep in custody and the network of warehouses were other criteria that represented an element essential in making the purchase decision in favor of the WMS solution offered by BITSoftware.

"Fast implementation, the ability to add new warehouses to management at any time, easy picking, order processing speed, and more productive employees. FluxVision WMS is a key element in our strategy to grow the distribution network in Romania", says Eugen Supuran, Maracana CEO.

With the help of FluxVision, all workflows in the warehouse are operated: from unloading and identifying goods, storing them on the shelf in the optimal location, entering orders for delivery, identifying optimal stocks to be delivered (FEFO), removing goods, loading onto the truck, issuing documents (notices).

Also, periodic reports are made to clients, respectively the lists of performed services are issued periodically, automatically. Customers who wish can access the IT system to view stocks, orders, etc. or even operate data.

The first warehouse in the network where the FluxVision solution was implemented was the one in Timișoara, and the implementation time was 21 hours. Then, thanks to the ease of operating the system and its flexibility, the Maracana team opened the warehouses in Bucharest, Constanța, Pitești and Cluj by themselves, with a minimum of remote assistance from the BITSoftware team, respectively with an effort of about 8 hours for each warehouse.

Alin Șuță, Director of Logistics at Maracana, highlighted some of the benefits observed following the use of the FluxVision WMS solution: "I can say that, overall, the implementation of the WMS made the activity in the warehouse more efficient and the working times on all operations were reduced : picking, goods receipt, stock transfers We also enjoyed the increase customer satisfaction and better inventory accuracy".

For more details, download the case study.