[Case study] BSH Home Appliances optimizes the activity with SocrateCRM from BITSoftware

Date: 02-11-2021
Author: Alina Răfoi



BSH Home Appliances, the subsidiary of the concern BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, a company within the Bosch Group, present on the Romanian market since 1999, implemented SocrateCRM from BITSoftware for the optimization and automation of the activity.

The company sells home appliances locally under the Bosch, Neff and Gaggenau brands. The product range includes refrigerators, cooking machines, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, food processors and coffee machines. BSH Electrocasnice has over 45 employees in Romania, collaborates with the largest retailer networks and with over 40 Services at national level.

“The need for a CRM system has always been present, because we used to use a customized solution that came bundled with the support services offered by the Call Center company we were collaborating with at the time. Over time, turnover has increased, as has the number of customer requests, and so we needed a new, flexible and scalable solution with which we can efficiently and timely manage all customer requests, "says Dumitru Cârstocea, Aftersales Manager at BSH Electrocasnice.

BSH Electrocasnice chose SocrateCRM for several reasons: adaptation to internal needs, openness through API and the possibility of integration with other applications, the high degree of automation it offers, the costs and the trust conferred by the supplier. The implementation process was a short one, being necessary that in 3 months the application will be functional, so that there are no interruptions of activity or delays in taking over and resolving complaints received from customers.

In its activity, BSH Electrocasnice collaborates with all important retailers in Romania, but also with smaller customers who sell products from the brands represented by the company. In order to be able to solve all Service requests, the company works with Service companies with a national presence, so that the reception of requests and the duration of settlement is as short as possible and in the terms imposed by the legislation in force.

SocrateCRM has been integrated via API with Agora, a software solution used by Service companies, so that the communication of customer information, notifications, products and other requirements is transmitted automatically, as well as the states for each notification, which means a gain time and zero errors. Also, the reports from SocrateCRM help in the meetings with the Service operators in which the evolution of the notifications and the level of customer satisfaction are discussed.

“SocrateCRM allows us to "play" quite a lot and we were able to create some rules and filters that help us in our daily work. Basically, we decided that we don't need a Call Center agent to make decisions, but an application so well defined that the agent can't go wrong. We tried to automate the activity as much as possible. That's what we wanted with SocrateCRM and that's what we got. I like all the automation that SocrateCRM offers. A great saving of time and a great improvement in activity brought us the integration with the courier interface, which now allows us to generate the AWB in 3 seconds. This saves time, because before manually generating an AWB took about 3 minutes. Likewise, the communication with the Service operators is faster, automatic and without errors”, says Dumitru Cârstocea, Aftersales Manager at BSH Home Appliances.

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