[Case study] Amvyx, a company with over 100 years history in distribution, achieves its growth goals with Entersoft Business Suite

Date: 08-03-2024
Author: Alina Răfoi

Studiu de caz Amvix Blog

Amvyx started its activity in 1917 and is one of the largest distributors of exclusive brands of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in Greece. With a philosophy that is based on entrepreneurship, innovation and respect for both its suppliers and customers, the company has been able to compete with multinational companies on an equal footing while achieving its goals of continuous growth.

The company has grown rapidly and the needs of the organization as well as the demands from the customers have also grown exponentially. There was an urgent need for a support system for the coordination of commercial and financial departments, orders, merchandising, marketing and stock monitoring. Especially in terms of inventory management, the need to digitize processes in the distribution center through the use of flexible and advanced WMS software that would cooperate seamlessly with the ERP system was critical to achieving the company's new goals and priorities.

AMVYX had three offers from three different business solution providers and finally chose Entersoft and Entersoft Business Suite due to technological achievements, experience in implementations at large companies with similar requirements, as well as the price-quality ratio.

Regarding the quality of the solution's functionality, the main advantage was the adaptability of the complete Entersoft Business Suite application, which can cover any possible need. Especially with regard to Entersoft WMS, it was of paramount importance for the company to have software capable of supporting fully digitized inventory management, while highlighting points of improvement in existing operational procedures and implementing new ones, in order to achieve future goals.

"Amvyx has always handled challenges dynamically and with an entrepreneurial spirit. For this reason it systematically invests and develops and modernizes its operations, choosing integrated and innovative solutions such as Entersoft ERP and Entersoft WMS. In a very short time, these two solutions have become essential for the efficient operation of our warehouse and distribution center" - Konstantina Gianna, Supply Chain Manager, Amvyx

Using the unified Entersoft Business Suite system has brought a number of benefits, as follows:

  • Fast management of orders and reduction of the time needed to identify and collect products (picking)
  • Reducing the number of errors when preparing orders (picking)
  • Exploitation - maximum use of storage spaces
  • Increasing the level of On Time-In Full (OTIF) customer service
  • Complete inventory monitoring and FIFO, FEFO management
  • Improving staff productivity
  • Reducing the number of returns and lowering shipping costs
  • Optimizing logistics costs

If you want to read the full Amvyx story about the benefits of using a unified system, we invite you to download the case study. And if you want a personalized demo, our specialists are always at your disposal!

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