Transilana Improves by 40% the Delivery Lead Time with SocratePlus ERP

Date: 13-11-2015
Author: Alina Răfoi

ERP-manufacturing SocratePlus

Established in 1936, Transilana is a worsted spinning mill, with an annual production of 750 to 800 tons, 150 employees and a 6,5 million Euro turnover. Experience and tradition led Transilana to be one of the leaders in this industry nationwide, with the widest offer of high-level products. This was possible thanks to a constant investment program, a permanent preoccupation for an efficient organization of production and not lastly the employees innovative efforts.

An integrated system that manages all processes in the organization, a user-friendly interface and specific functionalities for Transilana’s activity led the company to choose SocratePlus ERP in 1997, being among the first companies to implement our system. 18 years later, Transilana successfully uses the same system.

Transilana grew year by year and so did the modules and functionalities (in number and complexity). Currently, Transilana uses all the available modules in SocratePlus ERP: Purchasing, Inventory, Sales, Finance and Accounting, Fixed Assets, Payroll and the more recently implemented module - Manufacturing.

“The Manufacturing module has only recently been implemented and it brings exactly what we were missing: the possibility of tracking the production process and the costs. It is very intuitive and I am sure we are going to see the results very shortly”, says Adrian Taraș, General Manager at Transilana.

The production flow is a customized one, because Transilana delivers only client customized products. The Manufacturing module is fully adapted to this very flexible process. The 40% improvement of delivery lead time, generated a higher degree of customer satisfaction and increase of received orders. Thanks to the newly implemented Manufacturing module, Transilana can now calculate the cost per wire and make a better stock and expenditure assessment.

Benefits were also observed in treasury and accounting, where there is a better visibility on balances and revenues per customer. A forecast on each client is now possible to make due to a history option. The reporting time was reduced, therefore the management has access to information and is able to make better informed business decisions much faster.
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