9 Methods to Outsmart Your Competition

Date: 29-01-2016
Author: Alina Răfoi

9 Methods to Outsmart Your Competition With SocrateCloud ERP

At the beginning of each year, we set new goals for the year to come for personal, as well as professional life. Most of the times, business goals are easier to set: increase the volume of sales, increase the turnover, increase productivity or make smarter investments. But you have to admit it, as it’s always on your mind: you want to outsmart the competition. As easier as it is to set these goals, just making a nice list is not enough. If you want to make it happen, you have to set a plan of actual actions. Otherwise, your dreams will remain just that – dreams. And if you want to put in place a realistic plan, you need correct and structured information and analysis. You need an integrated business system.

Now let’s see why SocrateCloud ERP is your secret weapon in outsmarting your competition.

  1. Consolidates Reports for Better Analysis

If you want to get a complete picture of your business, you need to combine and compare results across departments of your company. That’s the only way to identify strengths and weaknesses of your company.

  1. Eliminates Manual Processes

Your employees can focus on productive work that bring added value to the company instead of manual administrative tasks. Process automation for employees efficiency must be a top priority for every business.

  1. Automates Report Generation

SocrateCloud helps you comply with government reporting requirements automatically. It relieves you of compiling tons of date and making up all the necessary monthly, quarterly or annual reports. Focus on more important tasks, such as generating new business and contracts!

  1.  Automates Your Supply Chain

Deliver to your customer what he expects, when he expects it. Optimize your processes to reduce time and costs. This is the secret way towards customer loyalty.

  1.  Easily Integrates New Channels

Regardless of their size or location, your customers must be able to get your products or services. Your integrated system has to be ready to integrate new channels at any time.

  1. Manages Prices, Discounts and Margins

Easily create price strategies, specific customer price lists, promotions and track the sales on all distribution channels. Get the P&L analysis and find out your margins on products, customers and regions.

  1. Optimizes Your Workflows

Most of the times, employees feel burdened by over-complicated workflows. It’s essential to have processes as easy and as fluid as possible. Grow your business without growing your staff.

  1. Gives You the Chance to Act Fast

One who acts fast has an advantage. Therefore, it is crucial to use available data to make quick decisions and gain competitive advantage. The faster you can anticipate market changes , customer consumption habits or resources cost variation, the ready you are to face market becoming more and more dynamic.

  1. Shares Information Between the Front and the Back-Office

SocrateCloud reduces customer response time, because the necessary information is instantly available to any front or back-office employee.


These are just a few of the reasons why SocrateCloud ERP is the right long-term partner. We’re in this together!

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