BITSoftware at ALT FESTIVAL, Brasov, 21st - 23rd of November 2014

Date: 21-11-2014
Author: Anca Cazacu

ALT Festival, the biggest technology festival in Transilvania, started today in Brasov.

An initiative of ALT Brasov - the cluster for Innovation and technology, ALT FESTIVAL explores, in the same time, the Internet of Things concept, the innovation in local IT companies and the culture and technology - three key dimensions of a future Brasov, established as a center of innovation and technology.

The Internet of Things is essentially a wide array of interconnected sensors that function in relationship to objects, devices, animals and humans. Based on the readings of these sensors, a new flow of data is describing new facets of the architecture of the world as we know it: smart cities, persons tagged for medical, juridical or entertainment reasons, pets, vehicle fleets and so on.

We invite you tomorrow, Saturday, the 22nd of November, starting with 11:20 in Room 1 of the Research and Development Institute of the Transilvania University, to have a debate on potential developments of wearable sensors as an Internet of Things infrastructure. The workshop called “Smart Crowds. Idiot Crowds” will be sustained by Liviu Vanau - Associate Researcher BIT Software.

Beside our workshop there are a lot of other interesting presentations and workshops and also an expo area that can be visited. The complete agenda can be found on