BITSoftware, a quick retrospective

Date: 18-12-2017
Author: Alina Răfoi


It was a fantastic year for us here at BITSoftware and we are happy to end it together with a brief review of our most important news.

We continued to develop our ERP, CRM, BI, WMS, and payroll solutions, and continued to specialize on our customers' verticals, succeeding in attracting important names that have joined our more than 250 customers. Optical Disc Solutions (Mediadocs), Europayment, DFR Systems, Sabo Machinery, Reflex Facades, Hog Slat, Ropeco, World Media Trans, SUT Carpathians, Rasova Wine, Delaco or Greenland Serv are just a few of this year's new customers.For our existing customers, we've expanded our deployed solutions with reporting, warehouse management, payroll, fixed assets and budgeting solutions.

If we've talked about developments, let's take a quick look at the latest improvements to our solutions.

The users of the latest version of SocrateERP now benefit from:

Secured access
Restrictions on accessing a SocrateERP account from specific computers or locations can now be set at IP or IP level. This is very useful for customers who want users to access their SocrateERP accounts only from certain locations and IP addresses. This feature significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized third party access to a user's account.


Booking with lock stock inventory

This is another new feature developed in the Commercial module. This new functionality allows to avoid overstock or failure of customer deliveries situations and have a better control of supply and deliveries. The functionality is complementary to the "order-to-order" supply method with the automatic allocation of stocks received strictly to customer orders which were the basis of the order placement. In this way we ensure the priority delivery of customer orders. Read more about the advantages of using this option in the Mediclim study case.

Optimizing inventory management reports

The reports were reorganized and optimized and run faster for larger volumes of data. The results were felt immediately. In an environment with a lot of data, with tens of thousands of items stored, thousands and millions of transactions managed, lead times have been reduced significantly.

Efficient project management

The project management module has also suffered some quite important changes that benefit companies working on projects such as the construction. Projects with a complex structure, with phases, subphases and activities are much easier to track and manage. A success story in this area is the succes story of Rampad, the construction company, which you can read more here.

VAT split payment mechanism
Starting on January 1, 2018, the VAT split payment mechanism will come into force. Consequently, our IT systems will provide the following new functionalities:
- an option to identify companies that apply or will apply the split VAT payment mechanism
- an option to identify third parties applying or applying VAT breakdown mechanism
enabling the option to specifically mark the bank accounts strictly used for VAT type payment / collection transactions
- the ANAF Service Interrogation Mechanism to update third-party tax deduction mechanisms
- showing broken bills balances in the base balance and VAT balance for payment, cashing and conciliation operations
- a report for determining the VAT amounts for cash or card receipts to be paid into the VAT account

Because our solutions have always responded to the legislative requirements, we have also aligned the staff management solution, Socrate Payroll, with the new legislative regulations:

- The CAS and Employer CASS calculation method has been modified according to the provisions of GO 4/2017
- We have added an editing option to generate the 112 statement and export it in the updated format
- We updated the handicap count according to the legislation
- A new screen for death grants was added
- We have added new types of tax exemptions at the level of wage bargaining


Do not hesitate to keep track of us to keep up-to-date with the latest news on our work. Find us here on the blog, but also on Facebook or Linkedin


We thank you for being part of our story in 2017, we look forward to working with you in 2018 and wish you a very happy holiday and wonderful new year! 


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