BITSoftware News

Date: 23-10-2017
Author: Alina Răfoi

We started the week full of energy and good will and prepared a special article in which we try to briefly present the latest and freshest information about our work.

SocrateERP, BITSoftware’s top solution

DevExpress grids




In the latest version of SocrateERP (the on-premise edition), we've introduced new DevExpress grids that make it much easier for users to work and give more flexibility. With these new grids, users can:

  • Sort information ascending and descending from any column
  • Column total calculations using multiple formulas
  • Grouping information according to different columns with subordination
  • Remove columns from gridview
  • Adding new columns to the view
  • Automatically dimension the column width according to content size
  • Filtering or Advanced Search by column content
  • Export grids in PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV or TXT format

New reports

We have added and modified (where necessary), according to the new regulations, a series of reports and statements to meet our clients' needs (Declaration 394, Statement 300, new and flexible reports in the Sales and Supply Areas).


Integration with the DocXchange platform


We've integrated the cloud version of SocrateERP with the DocXchange platform used by Carrefour for forwarding customer orders, shipment endorsements, customer invoices and vendor invoices. DocXchange provides full support for exchanges of electronic documents involved in procurement and sales processes. Orders, shipping and receipt orders, bills and statements can be received, converted, controlled and transmitted between platform subscribers.

Records of work equipment and labor protection per employee
To ease the work of human resources departments and department managers, we have developed a new cloud-based functionality that allows tracking of work and protection equipment records for each employee. With this new functionality, each job will be assigned a mandatory set of equipment to carry out the activity, as well as courses and certifications that each employee has to perform at a certain frequency. There is also the possibility to send alerts for verification or renewal of those equipment and certifications.


Capitalization of project expenditure
The idea from which we started to develop this new functionality was to give our construction and service customers the opportunity to capitalize their auto expenses on projects, but this process can be used generically on any other type of expense depending on the hours ponder on projects by employees.

FluxVision = Flexibility, speed and accuracy in the warehouse

Easier delivery
To ease delivery, delivery orders can now be grouped into a new form.

Stock reservation
In order to make stock reservations for future shipments, we have
added a new option to manually book the goods in the warehouse.

Delete unfinished transactions
We have activated a new automated process that allows you to delete transactions started but not completed, older than x hours (where x can be parameterized).


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