BITSoftware launches Socrate e-Transport Service

Date: 06-10-2022
Author: Alina Răfoi

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What is the RO e-Transport system?

In April 2022, the Government of Romania approved a draft Emergency Ordinance establishing the implementation of the RO e-Transport integrated electronic system for monitoring the road transport of goods with high fiscal risk. The system is meant to track in real time the movement of goods with high fiscal risk on the territory of Romania. In other words, the state will monitor with the help of the platform, not only the transport of high-risk local purchases, but all transports of fiscally risky goods, even those that only transit Romania. On 30.09.2022, a GD was published that postponed the deadline for the introduction of fines from 1.10.2022 to 1.01.2023.

The system covers the following types of transport:

  • transports that start and end on the territory of the country
  • any cross-border transaction that starts in Romania (for example: export, intra-community delivery)
  • any cross-border transaction that is completed in Romania (for example: import, intra-community purchase)
  • any cross-border transaction that is in transit on Romanian territory, because even in this case, part of the transport takes place on Romanian territory.

What is the purpose of RO e-Transport?

The main reasons why the decision was made to implement this system for monitoring the road transport of goods with a high fiscal risk are the reduction of tax evasion, i.e. the increase in the level of VAT collection and the increase in receipts to the state budget, as well as the prevention and combating of illicit trade in goods .

Who must use RO e-Transport?

The goods radar, as RO e-Transport is also known, directly targets importers, distributors and exporters of goods with high fiscal risk (vegetables, fruits, beverages, construction materials, clothing and footwear). According to Order 802 / 29.04.2022, goods with high fiscal risk transported by road that are subject to monitoring through the RO e-Transport System are:

  • Vegetables, plants, roots and tubers, food
  • Edible fruits; citrus peels or melons
  • Drinks, alcoholic liquids and vinegar
  • Salt; sulfur; soils and stones; plaster, lime and cement
  • Clothing and clothing accessories, knitted or crocheted
  • Clothing and clothing accessories, other than knitted or crocheted
  • Footwear, gaiters and similar articles; parts of these articles
  • Cast iron, iron and steel

Socrate e-Transport Service

BITSoftware launches Socrate e-Transport, a new service to provide the declaration to ANAF of road transport of goods with high fiscal risk on the territory of Romania, in accordance with the legislation that introduces the national "RO e-Transport" system, according to GEO 41/2022 . The national RO e-Transport system ensures the monitoring by ANAF of these transports by generating a unique registration code for each transport - UIT, which will be clearly mentioned on the accompanying documents of the transport.

This SaaS service developed in the AWS Cloud will be available both to our SocrateERP customers, both for the cloud and on-premise versions, as well as to other business software application providers.

What functionalities does the Socrate e-Transport Service offer?

The Socrate e-Transport service offers the following functionalities:

  • secure access and management of operation authentication with the ANAF service
  • obtaining unique registration codes for each transport - UIT
  • conversion of transport data for each UIT code into XML format
  • submission/completion of transport information related to each UIT code
  • downloading from ANAF the transport notifications received, if the company is the recipient of the transport
  • storage of data related to each UIT (with xml and MFP seal included)


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