BITSoftware and TeamSystem announces strategic partnership to boost digitalisation in Romania

Date: 08-04-2019
Author: Anca Cazacu


TeamSystem, a founding company in Italy and a European leader with a turnover of over 350 million, 1.3 million customers and over 650 business partners, offers state-of-the-art solutions and services for the digitization of companies in any sector activity, regardless of their size.


BITSoftware is one of the most important software companies in Romania, with over 25 years of experience in developing and implementing business software solutions and successful projects in over 70 countries. 

Through this partnership, the two companies build a solid relationship, becoming one of the most innovative poles for implementing digital transformation in Romanian companies: on the one hand, TeamSystem enjoys one of the richest software solutions portfolios at the level based on state-of-the-art technologies, on the other hand BITSoftware has consolidated know-how and experience in developing business software solutions and their successful implementation in Romanian and international companies.

TeamSystem solutions are unique, flexible and open. Designed and created to meet the needs of small business for over 40 years, TeamSystem solutions help companies become more competitive.


TeamSystem is a market leader in specific areas such as electronic invoicing and electronic signatures, creating end-to-end "zero paper" processes, or software dedicated to winemaking control or restaurant management, recognized as excellence products "made-in-Italy". In general, TeamSystem offers excellent digital solutions for a wide range of sectors such as retail, banks, insurance, utilities, construction, winemaking, transportation, fashion ... etc. TeamSystem solutions meet the needs of all departments of Sales, Human Resources, Production, Purchasing and Logistics, and Accounting.


BITSoftware, with a solid experience in developing and implementing ERP, CRM, WMS and BI software solutions, with over 300 customers and 90 employees, has decided to work with TeamSystem as a result of perceived product and process innovation, to represent a point of reference in Romania.


"We have decided to invest in Romania for several reasons: the Romanian economy is one of the fastest and most promising economies in Europe with an economic structure similar to that of Italy, which accounts for 90% of SMEs. In addition, there are already many connections between Romania and Italy. Italy ranks first in terms of foreign investment in Romanian companies. The meeting with BITSoftware involved the discovery of a well-positioned software company with a team of talented professionals and people who are key to our project, "says Stefano Matera, International Business Director of TeamSystem Group.


"Working with an international group such as TeamSystem, which is supported by a Silicon Valley company, offers us the opportunity to enrich our existing portfolio with other specific solutions as well as to use the common experience to better meet the needs of our customers from various fields of activity "- says Remus Cazacu, Managing Director of BITSoftware.


Besides the different strategic objectives, the partnership between the two companies is also a starting point for the development of one of the most innovative partner networks in Romania. This is one of the biggest successes of TeamSystem, which currently collaborates with over 650 partners from other countries. Company philosophy and the quality of the human relationship between local entrepreneurs and the company will be unique within the Romanian context. 


A first step in the innovation approach is the organization of the first edition of the "Digital Tour", where we invite hardware and software vendors, system integrators and IT & C companies interested in finding out how they can benefit from a new opportunity with significant results for and especially for their customers.


The opportunities for collaboration will be presented during the tour that will take place in May in four major cities in Romania: Timisoara, Cluj, Iași and Bucharest. We will return the following days with the exact dates for the 4 events.


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