Better business decisions with a business intelligence software solution

Date: 02-03-2017
Author: Alina Răfoi

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Huge amounts of data are generated each day are a challenge or an opportunity to develop. Organizations that understand the potential of effectively analyzing data and quickly respond will be those which will be most competitive. Do you want to make your business decisions faster? The following are some of the most important reasons to adopt a Business Intelligence solution.

Quick access to information

Investments in Business Intelligence solutions are not easy to make, which is why access to data and analyzes provided by them should not be limited only to a few decision makers within the organization, but should be extended to all departments (commercial, operational). The role of these reports and analyzes is to provide visibility and information to optimize operations and increase the overall efficiency of a business.


Simplification and cost reduction

Creating indicators and departmental reports is one of the activities that consume a lot of time. How about if you use your staff's time more efficiently and achieve your desired reports in just a few moves?

A BI solution adapts to the changing needs of the organization that chooses to invest in such an instrument. Using data from multiple sources quickly view all reports result in reduced costs and a more judicious use of staff time, which can focus more on activities that add value.


Data discovery with no limitations

In the past, many departments chose to develop their own data analysis solutions, with dedicated reports. Each department used its own method of input and data analysis. For managers it was like having the pieces of the same puzzle, they had to associate them to form a complete picture, and this was difficult and time consuming. The need to implement a single solution analysis, covering the needs of each department but also allowing easy viewing and sharing of analyzes and reports, is increasingly pressing.


A tool for easy viewing

As mentioned above, creating departmental reports without a dedicated BI tool consumes valuable time and, in fact, it makes it difficult to collaborate and communicate and also make strategic decisions. Decision makers have, through business intelligence solution, access to information that can juggle and make real-time reports and the analysis they need.


Anticipating the future

Any decision based on misinformation can change the future of an organization. Using a powerful analytic tool, mature and able to juggle large amounts of data from multiple sources, which analyze them and showing reports and custom analysis, can help you anticipate the future and take the right decisions for successfully fulfil your business objectives.


Operational control

Another reason why you should head for a BI solution is able to extract the most important trends emerging from the operational side. Armed with information about the efficiency of processes and employees can understand and can react quicker on optimizing work processes, the way in which employees work. The results will be seen in lowering costs and increasing customer satisfaction final.


SocrateBI is a Business Intelligence solution that addresses cutting-edge businesses of all sizes who want to have an integrated reporting, analysis and reporting. SocrateBI was developed based on the No.1 BI platform in the world, MicroStrategy. More than one million users worldwide and thousands of companies across all industries use it every day for better decisions.


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