Amazon Chime for an efficient and productive communication

Date: 30-04-2020
Author: Alina Răfoi

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Online communication tools are no longer optional, but a necessity. Effective communication is very important. Either we talk about daily meetings with team members, or we talk about business meetings. With everyone working from home, especially in times of crisis, the risk of poor collaboration is high.


Fortunately, there is Amazon Chime, which simplifies remote communication.



Amazon Chime for business meetings


Why do we use Amazon Chime for business meetings? Because it has a number of very useful features, which differentiate it from other solutions on the market.


  • Single app: You can place and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages directly from the Amazon Chime app.
  • Receive phone calls: Receive notifications when you are called, whether you are using a desktop, web, or mobile application.
  • Voicemail: When you cannot answer an incoming call, Chime voicemail will retrieve messages, which are saved and can be accessed directly in the Chime application.
  • Place phone calls: Make calls to more than 100 countries around the world, either by typing the number, or from your call history, or from your contact list.
  • Switch between devices: From the Chime application, you can switch calls between mobile and desktop devices without interrupting your conversation.
  • Call history: You can see a list of calls that you have placed, answered, or missed. With a few clicks you can redial, answer a message, or return a missed call.
  • Turn calls into appointments: You can add additional participants to your 1: 1 phone call to turn it into a meeting, whether participants use the Chime application or the phone.
  • Text messaging: Send and receive text and picture messages from more than 100 countries. 


Amazon Chime for communicating with your colleagues


We also use Amazon Chime for our internal meetings, training or webinars. We are happy to see our colleagues, and at the same time, to have productive and efficient meetings and to organize ourselves better, even from a distance.


  • Chat: You can use Amazon Chime to chat with colleagues directly, in a group, or in a chat room. You can share attachments up to 50 MB, search for contacts, conversations, and chat rooms, and access the conversations you have on all devices.
  • Chat rooms: Chat rooms can be created to allow multiple users to collaborate on projects, share files with colleagues, and use @mentions to direct messages to specific participants. There is no limit to the number of users that can be invited to a chat room, and individual users can participate in multiple chat rooms.
  • 1: 1 voice and video calls: You can make instant voice calls from person to person. You have access to your call history, which lists incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, making it easy to return a call, send a message, or add a new contact.
  • Status: Amazon Chime uses status indicators, where green means you're available and red means you're busy. You can also manually set your status to indicate that you are not available or to hide your status.
  • Start Meetings from Slack: The Amazon Chime Meetings app for Slack allows Slack users to launch and enter meetings directly from the Slack workspace.
  • Chatbots: Chat bots can be set up to provide access to applications and information and to automate certain tasks.


Until June 30, 2020, all new customers can benefit from the opportunity to use all Amazon Chime PRO features for free online dating and video conferencing. If you want a more detailed presentation, our specialists are at your disposal. We'll even use Amazon Chime for our meeting so you can see it at work!