Agriculture transformed by technology into smart agriculture

Date: 22-08-2019
Author: Alina Răfoi

tehnologie pentru agricultura

Worldwide, agriculture has advanced significantly. By using technology, agriculture can reach an efficiency that our parents or grandparents have never seen as possible.


Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and now we are not just talking about software and hardware solutions, but especially about technology capable of interpreting all the collected data (eg data entered into the management system, data transmitted by weather stations, different sensors or drones). In addition, there is also knowledge transmitted by previous generations, information that may be unique to each farm separately and pertaining to the geology and microclimate of that area. All this, put together and properly interpreted, can be the basis of a "recipe" for doing agriculture efficiently, to use the resources optimally for maximum results.


Collected data is used to make forecasts and to "predict the future". As in the case of weather forecasts, the farmer can make decisions for risk reduction - what treatments are needed and when is the right time to apply them or when to harvest for the best crop yields.


Top technology for Romanian agriculture


Due to consumers who want quality food at the lowest prices, but also to factors that cannot be controlled, such as adverse weather conditions, in general, farmers' incomes are quite low. The supply chain is also becoming wider as the distribution network reaches the globe, with the growing demand for farmers to produce more for less.


Farmers will have to find the means to finance such cutting-edge technologies and minimize operating costs while maintaining efficient margins to be competitive.


How can Romanian farmers benefit from the top technology?


Whether through own financing, or through the use of financing provided through national support programs for farmers or those provided by the European Union, which covers both restructuring and conversion of plantations, promotion, harvest insurance, but also various investments in which computer solutions are included. for agriculture.


Another method for farmers is also to join in agricultural communities, thus putting resources in common, which implicitly leads to a cost optimization, reducing the contribution of each farmer.


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