The emergence of omnichannel supply chain

Date: 15-01-2016
Author: Alina Răfoi

ERP omni-channel Supply chain

As mentioned in our previous article, e-commerce has completely changed the face of commerce. The world is in a continuous transformation and the most important factors to influence success are time and information. This is what the best performing companies do: give as much information as possible about their products through all the existing channels and ensure a rapid delivery. That’s why e-commerce companies had to adapt to customers’ expectations and find new distribution channels. Innovation and agility are essential for success in business.

A business has to use all the available channels to reach the customer and to keep track with any innovation in this field. We know it’s a pain, changes happening so fast. Channels and processes might sometimes be old and inadequate. Many of the problems are caused by old information systems that cannot link all the existing channels and offer the necessary functionalities of a proper omnichannel strategy. Such a business can’t bring added value, which means, on a long term, the business is losing money. Due to the evolution of global commercial processes, companies have to switch to omnichannel solutions, which include stores, online market, mobile apps and catalogues. An integrated distribution system has a lot of benefits on stock management, internal and financial resources. Strategically, on a medium and long term, we get an improved image, better client and partner relations and a faster and better response to change.

In addition, an integrated system provides the ability to control all the company’s activities anytime, anywhere, providing a high scalability and an automatic forecast. The supply chain is a competitive advantage for companies giving the ability to collaborate and interconnect partner and supplier supply chains ensuring a significant advantage. A tailored supply chain means to be able to respond promptly to immediate needs. Therefore, software applications and new technologies have a crucial role in the supply chain’s efficiency and performance.

In a highly competitive environment, predict the customer needs and just in time delivery are compulsory to have. The ERP and WMS systems are becoming increasingly more useful for forecasting and working with scripts based on variables, rather than simple monitoring and reporting activities. The ultimate goal is to get a shorter delivery time.

The development of e-commerce has brought a growing interest for the warehouse management solutions, from manufacturers, retailers and 3PL logistics service providers. SocrateCloud ERP and FluxVision WMS software improve inventory accuracy and helps you achieve your goals.


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