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About the webinar

If you are a manager or a company that works in the field of import, distribution or logistics and you want to
  • control and optimizeall processes in your organization?
  • have real-time business vizibility?
  • increase your company's eficiency and profitabiliy?

In this online seminar, Angela Scripcariu - Socrate ERP senior consultant will present the most important benefits of using an integrated cloud management system, how it helps to optimize processes and increase profitability in a distribution company.

In this seminar we will discuss not about minor improvements, but about how an integrated cloud management system can have a major impact on a business, on its controlled growth and success.

We are in an era where everything moves faster, the business model of distribution companies is changing, distribution uses multiple channels, the service quality is important, consumers are much more informed and used to buy products online, interact with companies and have very high expectations. Under these circumstances, a company's agility is a necessity. The success of a distribution company is greatly influenced by the solution used to efficiently manage its entire business.


During this webinar you will find out how to:

Constructii ERP CRM BI  Integrate and automate all distribution processes and channels
Icons-Distributie-e.png Reduce Costs and increase margin
Solutii Software Distributie Shorten your strategic decision time
Constructii ERP CRM BI Increase your company's profitability



Who is your host? 




Angela Scripcariu - senior consultant, experienced in modeling business processes in IT systems, is a Certified APICS - CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional). She has gained experience in different roles in several companies, ranging from sales of interior design solutions, application manager, logistics director to senior consultant. So far, she has coordinated successful implementation projects in distribution, service, agrobusiness, finance and accounting, and has trained more than 200 people to use SocrateCloud within the company.


What do customers say about SocrateERP?



"The implementation of SocrateCloud allowed us to enter data in a unitary manner and have a consolidated cashflow for all 20 companies and more than 100 work points Jidvei has, so that we are now able to make business decisions with positive influences on the whole group.” 


"I would associate SocrateCloud with the efficiency and the ability to evaluate our teams. With the help of the SocratesCloud solution from BITSoftware, Mediclim took the step from a family business to a 10 million-euro business.