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About this webinar

If you are the manager of a company that works in the field of construction and you want to
  • control and optimizeall processes and resources in your organization?
  • have real-time visibility on building projects?
  • increase your company's efficiency and profitability?

During this webinar, Angela Scripcariu - SocrateCloud senior consultant, presents the most important benefits of using an integrated cloud management system for a construction company, how it helps to manage all the processes and resources (materials, workmanship, machinery, transport) to increase the profitability of each project and the company as a whole.

By following this webinar, you will learn how to increase your visibility on project activities, how to manage your resources better, how to track costs on projects, phases, sub-phases, how to reduce reporting time by accessing real-time information, by streamlining the entire activity with an integrated management system suitable for a construction company.

SocrateCloud provides an integrated application to construction companies and helps manage all the processes in the company efficiently: procurement, contract management, costs, consumption, employees, equipment and machinery, maximizing profit through an efficient execution of each project and the possibility to manage multiple projects with fewer resources by integrating and automating key processes.


After watching our webinar you will find out how to:

Constructii ERP CRM BI

Manage yourcompany processes better with an integrated management system

Constructii ERP CRM BI Maximize profit through an effective execution of construction works
Constructii ERP CRM BI Plan and manage your resources, delivery time, costs and cash flow
Constructii ERP CRM BI

Track planned versus achieved construction works

Constructii ERP CRM BI

Shorten your decision-making time and increase your company's profitability



Who is your host?





Angela Scripcariu  - senior consultant, experienced in modeling business processes in IT systems, is a Certified APICS - CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional). She has gained experience in different roles in several companies, ranging from sales of interior design solutions, application manager, logistics director to senior consultant. So far, she has coordinated successful implementation projects in distribution, service, agrobusiness, finance and accounting, and has trained more than 200 people to use SocrateCloud within the company.


What do customers say about SocrateCloud? 


Studiu de caz Rampad ERP Software



For me as a CEO, everything starts with the profitability. Everyday, I need a simple report to see the profitability and then to follow a money trail so that I know at any time where the money is, but also the situations for the consumption, the stocks and the customers. What differentiates us from our competition is precisely the fact that we adapt quickly to the market and SocrateCloud manages to keep pace with us and our needs.


"With SocrateCloud, CCC Kronstadt has bought time, time for analysis, time for improvement, time for prompt reactions to the market changes and to the customer requirements. We can now access the information very fast and that means greater productivity, increased efficiency and a profitable company."