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Integrate all processes from production, purchasing, sales, treasury and financial accounting Manage and track the profitability of agricultural production on the types of crops Conduct and manage contracts with farmers on types of crops Effectively manage resources and costs, including maintenance of agricultural machinery and equipment Control the quality and stock levels, thus optimizing the purchasing process Reduce the costs and make quick strategic decisions

ERP & CRM & BI Software Solution

Align Technology with Business Strategy

Agriculture is an important sector of any economy. The industrialization of agriculture has taken off lately. Companies in agriculture must not only be effective but must reach high standards of quality and quickly adapt to changing market conditions. In this difficult environment, it is important that business processes in the organization be kept under control. This involves the use of flexible software systems that integrate agro industry specific functionalities and intelligent reporting for quick decisions.

The use of integrated management systems (ERP) in agriculture establish a significant increase in performance and quality in all processes of agricultural organizations, providing competitive advantage and sustainable approach, embodied by improving planning operations, resources management optimization and streamline decision-making processes associated to agricultural activities.

SocrateCloud Supports Companies in Agriculture

SocrateCloud covers all processes in companies operating in agriculture, from farm production to supply management, stock, direct sales or through distributors, assets, fleet management, receipts, payments, accounting and financial management. SocrateCloud improves operational efficiency, consolidates the information you need to make the best strategic decisions. The solution is 100% cloud, eliminating infrastructure costs and allowing access to information from any location, office or field using only a Web browser.

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