Entersoft Business Suite

Rolco has digitalized all production units with Entersoft Business Suite® software solutions (ERP, WMS and Mobile CRM/SFA)


ROLCO's history begins in 1948 when the first production unit of dyes and detergents was founded in Moschato under the name "BIANIL Dye of Moshato" and today it is the largest Greek manufacturer in the market of detergents and cleaners. Being active for 65 years, the company has achieved significant innovations, managing to establish itself at the top of the detergent product range, while today it is considered to be the largest and most modern detergent manufacturer in Greece.

Download the case study to learn how Entersoft Business Suite (ERP, CRM, SFA, Service, WMS, Production) provides full visibility and consolidated information through a collective work environment with centralized management.

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