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Horizontal digital transformation for Matzaridis Bros s.a. with Entersoft Business Suite

Majar - Matzaridis Bros

The year 1978 MATZARIDIS BROS S.A. was founded, marked the beginning of the dynamic course of the company, selling mainly consumer and professional products/solutions in the audiovisual sector with high expertise and specialisation. Nowadays it is a leading distribution company with important export activity on technology products. The strategic partnerships with technology manufacturers, the development of an organized distri-bution system and the continuously increasing clientele at international level, form the tripartite that makes MAJAR a unique ecosystem-destination for any company that seeks differentiation through the acquisition of advanced technologies and solutions. The past few years, the company has focused on technologies such as Digital Signage, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. Majar’s mission is to offer responsibly to every company, through continuous improvement of expertise, high-end technologies now and in the future.

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